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This is how sellers can cancel a purchase

You can cancel a purchase up to 30 days after the sale - even if the buyer has already paid. The buyer can still leave a review unless you cancel because the buyer hasn't paid for the item.

You can cancel a purchase under the following conditions:

  • They did not ship the item and the buyer is asking you to cancel the purchase.
  • You have fewer items in stock than expected.
  • The buyer provided an incorrect delivery address when purchasing the item.
  • 4 calendar days have passed since the date of purchase and the buyer has not paid. The option to cancel only appears if it is eligible for the purchase.

It is possible that a canceled purchase could result in a Notification of Defect and affect your service status level.

You can't cancel a purchase if:

  • You have sent the item.
  • The buyer reports the item did not arrive or they have requested a return.

Cancel a purchase

If you'd like to cancel a purchase, select the button below. We will then notify the buyer that you have canceled the purchase. If the buyer has already paid, they will receive a refund.

Cancel purchase

Instructions on other ways to cancel a purchase are provided below.

You can cancel a purchase up to 30 days after the sale - even if the buyer has already paid.

What if the buyer asked to cancel the purchase?

If a buyer sends you a request to cancel, you have 3 days to accept or decline.

If the buyer sends you a message asking to cancel the transaction, you can cancel the purchase in the Seller Cockpit Pro or in My eBay in the “Sold” section. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this above.

What happens after a purchase is canceled?

If you participate in payment processing as the seller or if the buyer has paid via PayPal, a full refund will automatically be initiated. If the buyer used a different payment method, the purchase will be automatically canceled, but you will need to manually initiate a full refund to the buyer. Once the buyer has received their refund, you may be eligible for a fee credit under our Fee Credit Policy.

Your item will be relisted automatically unless you choose not to relist it. If you do not want your item to be listed again, simply uncheck the box Re-list item after cancellationif you cancel the purchase.

If you canceled the transaction because the buyer did not pay, all reviews from the buyer will be removed and the cancellation will not negatively affect your service status.

Sellers Participating in Payment Processing - Refund Issues

If there is a problem with the refund, we will notify you immediately. We also ask you to try again by clicking on the notification Try the refund again choose. If you still cannot initiate the refund, please select another payment method for the refund.

If the buyer does not receive their refund within 10 days of accepting their request, they can use eBay Buyer Protection to report that the item has not been delivered or that they have not received a refund. If an eBay buyer protection case is opened, you can initiate a refund to the buyer via this case.

For more information, see How to Help Your Buyer If the Item Doesn't Arrive.

Abuse of abandonments due to unpaid items

Unpaid items will be noted in the buyer's eBay account and may lead to action against them. Sellers should never mistakenly cancel a purchase if a buyer has not paid. If this does happen, we can take various measures against them. See our full policy for more on this.