What is the most productive bitcoin miner

Bitcoin mining software - general

In this article, we will not go into the hardware and rely on it Basic knowledge as well as already available Bitcoin mining hardware ahead. Above all you have to sign up for a operating system decide. Some of the miners fall away with the selection of the operating system. No matter if you alone or in a pool mined, the software is the part that exhausts the hardware and solves the blocks. Once set up, the mining software usually runs non-stop for days and months without having to do anything.

Bitcoin wallet as a prerequisite

You need a Bitcoin walletso that you can get an appropriate Bitcoin address ready for the miner. The rewards and payouts will ultimately land on the wallet before anything is done with them. The most common wallet is Electrum, for it runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Mycelium will be on Android devices used and Breadwallet on iOS smartphones. Once that's done, you can get started with the mining software, aka Bitcoin Miner.

Windows Bitcoin mining software

Under Windows you have a lot of miners to choose from. Some offer a graphical interface (UI) or can be operated via a terminal.

Bitcoin Miner on Windows

This miner is particularly user-friendly and offers a graphical user interface. The settings are also made conveniently in the software, which makes it suitable for not so technically savvy users. Statistics and evaluations are also clearly displayed. Mining in pools is also supported. The Bitcoin Miner is available, for example, in the Windows Store free.

BFGMiner on Windows

The BFGMineris similar to the CGMiner very, but comes without graphics card support. The big advantage is the support of LLVM OpenCL, and Mesa Mining, overclocking, fan control.

CGMiner on Windows

This is the most widespread miner that is also used for other crypto currencies. It is suitable for FPGA and ASIC hardware equally and based on C. Beim CGMiner But you have to read more and familiarize yourself with it, since most versions are executed in the console, without any klicky-bunti user interface. The miner offers a Adjustment of the fan control, Clock rate modifications, and also speaks Graphics cards and CPUs at.

EasyMiner under Windows

Who one graphical user interface (UI) for the CGMiner or BFGMiner needs, gets along better with the EasyMiner. Even if the UI looks shoddy, it's better than none. You can get yours here Settings to undertake statistics see that Define wallet and mine both alone and in the pool. Much speaks against that EasyMiner not, especially if you avoid the console.

Linux Bitcoin mining software

Linux can be kept slim and small, runs on a USB stick and it's just stable! If wants to mine sensibly in the long term and wants to build on a secure systemLinux is simply the best choice for being able to scale. That is why Linux is also our recommendation. The Mining software options are extensiveas with Windows.

CGMiner on Linux

The CGMiner runs like in Windows, you configure everything exactly and have the same advantages and disadvantages. You do a lot of things remotely on the box and don't need a monitor. Fan control, OC and good fine tuning can be optimally implemented here. The CGMiner can also with USB stick Bitcoin miners be used.

BFGMiner on Linux

Just like the CGMiner, it also runs BFGMiner in the console and comes without UI. The advantages and disadvantages are the same as with the Windows offshoot. LLVM OpenCL and Mesa mining, dynamic overclocking, Fan control are worth mentioning here. There is also a 32- and 64-bit variant. The BFGMiner is suitable for ASIC and FBGA miners.

EasyMiner on Linux

If you need a UI for CGMiner, you have to EasyMiner by Emulate Wine. We see this more as a workaround for the lazy and adventurous, but it is doable. The advantages are obvious: You can enjoy statistics and settings in the software with a graphical user interface.

Bitcoin mining software on Mac OS

This will probably not affect most of them, since you are probably only experimenting and it makes little sense to mine under Mac OS X. Only they come USB stick Bitcoin miner in question.

RPC miner on Mac OS

This miner runs under Mac OS version 10.6 or higher and is also as CUDA compatible mod available. We haven't tried this miner, and it doesn't seem particularly popular either. RPC Miner has no UI and is set up via a terminal.

CGMiner for Mac OS X

There is an unofficial one CGMIner offshoot for MAC OS X. Even if at first it seems that there will be a UI, there isn't one. It is a CGMiner that requires a mining USB stick.

For those who would like to dig deeper into the subject, we also recommend advice from www.krypto-magazin.de. In addition to courses, you will also find helpful mining articles.