What is dog food a product

Another dog food? How you can successfully stand out with your product

Are you the founder of a dog company and want to bring a new dog food to the market? Doubts often arise at this point because of the Dog food market so oversaturated appears. There are already all sorts of different types of dog food. How should your product stand out from the crowd?

The USP of your dog food

One thing should be said first: It is possible, despite high competition, to establish a solid dog food on the market. Above all, it is important that you Unique selling proposition (s) know and use it for your marketing purposes. In content marketing in particular, it is important to address the right target group and present the USP ("unique selling proposition").
Any general-purpose dog food that has no particular use for your target audience is likely to have sales problems. What can your dog food score with? What does your dog food have that no one else has?

Who should buy your dog food?

Who do you produce your dog food for? And what can your dog food do? For example, anyone who brings a sensitive dog food onto the market that contains less protein for dogs with kidney disease has a very clear target group in mind: dog owners whose dogs have kidney disease. Such a dog food has that Unique selling point of the "kidney-friendly ingredients". Anyone who addresses a very special target group and has an optimal solution ready for this target group will be seen and convince.

On the other hand, a dog food that is made from conventional ingredients and does not have any notable advantages over other types of food, tends to remain in the shadow of other products. Every product has its own USP somewhere. If you are now in doubt as to whether your dog food is really “outstanding enough” to find buyers, I would like to reassure you: Any product that brings advantages or disadvantages to its consumer can be marketed. Concise communication is what counts. Most of the time you can already feel during the development process of your product / company for whom the product will be suitable.

Spread your message!

Yes, there are already many dog ​​food manufacturers out there. Yes, standing out will not be an easy task. BUT no dog company is like yours! No product is like yours. Fighting for your success is definitely worth it. To be noticed you should spread your message online. No matter how great an offer you can have. Unfortunately, if you don't tell anyone about it, you won't reach anyone. On the one hand, you reach customers through paid advertisements. On the other hand, you can be found organically and free of charge through search engine optimized content.

Your expertise and your offer can, for example, be represented by a Blog or advisor spread it sustainably. A blog enables you to address the topics of your target group in detail and to provide them with advice on specific questions. With a blog that solves your target group's problems, you automatically become an expert and build trust with your target group. If your buyer persona feels well advised by you and sees you as a trustworthy contact, they will - in the long term - also use your products because they have already received good help from your company.
So a blog or a guide is a great one Marketing tool, with which you, as an expert, can build a good bond with your target group.

Patience is the key to success

In order to establish your dog food on the market in the long term, one thing is particularly important: Patience. With patience, perseverance and target group-oriented marketing of yourself, you can manage to stabilize your dog food company within a few years and build your foothold in the market. You shouldn't expect that success will occur within a very short time. Both that Working out a marketing strategy as well as the conviction of the target group are long-term processes that require continuous work.