Whart are the features of SharePoint 2013

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 support ends on October 13, 2020

With the end of the product life cycle on October 13, 2020, Microsoft will discontinue support for SharePoint Server 2010. That means:

  • No new features or software updates
  • No technical support if problems arise
  • No bug fixes for newly discovered problems that affect the usability and stability of the server
  • No security updates for newly discovered vulnerabilities that could cause server vulnerabilities

With Exchange 2010 (January 14, 2020) and Office 2010 (October 13, 2020) two other popular Microsoft products will end their product support in the coming year. You should also plan to switch to the latest versions in good time if you are using these products.

After the end of support, there are security risks and compliance problems

SharePoint 2010 will continue to work as usual after October 14, 2020. For compliance and security reasons, however, the use of software that is no longer supported is problematic, as Microsoft does not provide any further function and security updates or technical support. Security gaps that occur after the end of support significantly increase the risk of attacks on IT infrastructures, there is a risk of data loss and an interruption in business processes.

Compliance requirements and legal regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be violated through the use of software that is no longer supported. If sensitive data is leaked, there is a risk of business damage and fines.

Your options: SharePoint Server 2019 and Office 365

SharePoint has developed enormously since version 2010. Interface, usability and functions are optimized for modern and mobile work in a team: Easily share content or edit files with colleagues and external partners at the same time - regardless of location and device.

As a flexible solution for a company-wide intranet, SharePoint facilitates the internal exchange of information between employees and thus the transition to a digital company. Users share their specialist knowledge, important work materials and general content with colleagues via websites and portals.