Why do inmates have more muscles

Last weekend, the sports week of the prisoner sports club GSV 74 ended with a fitness competition in the Wehlheider prison.

Kassel.At the end of the sports week in JVA Wehlheiden 1 (more on this soon) it was really sweaty last Sunday. In four strongman disciplines (burpees, flipping tractor tires, farmers walk and curls) a team of eight inmates competed against eight athletes from the Cross Box Kassel. “The focus is not on the competition, but on the idea of ​​doing sports together. For everyone involved, the encounter today is nothing everyday, ”says Mario, who works in the prison, trained in the Cross Box Kassel and initiated the day together with the prison officers of the prisoners sports club (GSV 74).

Ceyhun and Marcel “Loco”, the divisional managers for fitness in the prison, add: “The inmates have prepared well for this day, there was a lot of training.” Those entitled are allowed to stand in the fitness room for an hour three times a week, otherwise Pull-up bars available during the courtyard walk. Diet also plays a major role for the sports-loving inmates. "Food such as protein powder, protein bars and quark can be ordered twice a month, but is much more expensive compared to outside," says division manager "Loco". After a close jump-off, which the Crossfitter won with a two-second lead, the day ended together and maybe we'll see each other again next year - at the sports week in the prison.

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