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Rave New World 2000

by Pyromania Arts



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3 Adjustment of the current pulse frequency by the electricity supplier to naturally synchronous rhythms that contribute more to healthy development than is currently the case. Are we talking about the bio-rhythms that are part of our nature, how we are part of the greater nature - even all mothers are born out of mother nature? Our body is an image of the macrocosm on a small scale, stored in it the experience of thousands upon thousands of years of experience; of breathing in and out, of ebb and flow, moon and menstrual cycles, dark and golden ages. ........................ PYROMANIA ARTS FOUNDATION MEDIA-SHAMANISM - AMBIENTAL RESEARCH MODERN TRIBAL ALCHEMY - GLOBAL NETWORKING The time is ripe for a global merger the shamanic ways of knowing (which biological organisms give priority and contain a feeling for the sacred) with the state and its technological achievements, because at the moment there is alienation on the individual, social, national and global level. The most significant aspect of this state is the loss of sacred visions and wisdom. We are living in the most individualistic (self-centered) phase of time the earth should ever experience and obviously this planet would be a terrible place without art. Humanity expressed through art is more interrelated and primary than industry and religion. Pyromania for the cleansing fire, the light of the sun and for the spiritual flame, inside every person and makes an active-positive statement through the use of all forms of media, in the belief in the diverse abilities and possibilities of the person. The Pyromania Arts Foundation was set up in Holland in 1985 to give individuals the opportunity to express themselves and develop projects together. Since then, artists, researchers, musicians and shamans, among others, have been working on multimedia projects and holistic concepts in different line-ups. Based on the original understanding of the techno and rave movement, as a culture striving for and manifesting self-development and change, the Pyromania Arts Foundation has been involved in the conception, organization and design of raves, parties and chill-out ambient areas for over ten years Sweat lodge and trance rituals fundamentally involved in building the magically oriented networks of the neo-shamanic techno movement. At the center of your parties and subcultural dance events are multimedia experiments with the aim of audiovisual stimulation of the ’cerebral hard disk’ - the dance floor, with color, light and sound. The aim of the foundation is to transform the media structure into transmitters of spiritual experience. The artists who come from the Quantum Pool of the Arts Foundation develop a wide variety of media and concepts in order to create spaces and forums in which mass therapeutic approaches can emerge, as is the case (intentionally or not) at a large number of trance dance events and rave events. The energy generated during these tribal gatherings was the basis for leading mycelium-like growing networks into the formation within a decade. The network of underground activists, dubbed CyberTribe by Boris Hiesserer and Terence McKenna, is also predestined to devote its energies to empowering the individual through the re-activation of cellular-Atlantic databases and the re-integration of humanity into the magical-galactic alliance. "The Authors, artists, scientists and researchers, who are primarily presented by the Rave New World, move deliberately outside the mainstream of collective norms and the usual limits of empirical science. Their forms of expression, visions and answers should not be set absolutely, but should be understood as a contribution to the discussion about a new worldview. WE INTERRUPT THE NIGHT WITH OUR CONCEPTS “We are not looking for followers, we are looking for allies for a visionary, magical alliance.” Thoughtfood - 4 personal growth RAVE NEW WORLD winter equinox 2000 / No. 9 Limited edition 1000 pieces This edition is the crystallization of the shamanic community and dedicated to the living mother planet. “Galileo Galiei was put in jail, and Guiordano Bruno was put in the Vatican microwave, because both believed that the sun did not orbit the earth. Religious and political chaos, on the other hand, want nothing more than to be pampered by a pretty and nice, cozy universe. " Timothy Leary, Cyber ​​Culture “It is the essence of your own soul that you seek. Only in you does that other reality exist that (you) long for. I can't give you anything that doesn't already exist in you. I can't open a picture gallery for you, but your own soul. All I can give you is the possibility; the impulse the key. I can help you to make your world visible, that's all. ”Hermann Hesse in Steppenwolf“ I feel like an agent. I give you keys that have been offered to me to pass them on to you. These keys are used to unlock doors - out of your current prison. Doors that open up new areas of being. Doors beyond where you are now. ”John Lilly, earth coincidence control office“ The atoms in the body rotate at the same speed and on the same axis as the earth rotates, which gives us a direct connection to the place we live called the earth there. Therefore we can call ourselves earth! ”Erykah Badu, 1997“ I call all superheroes, all great masters, all healers, all warriors, all good spirits, all superfreaks and chosen ones to me here; I have a million legions behind me. ”Thomas D, Millions of Legions The Shamanic Tribes and Communities, Sirius, Tibet, Al-Chemist, Alex Gray, Timothy Leary, A. & S. Shulgin, San Francisco's tribal pagan community, the Rainbow Warriors , Tattva Vitveka, Anubis, Magic bufo, the White Brotherhood, Weisse Büffelfrau-Elke, Al Chemist, Dr. Motte & Space Teddy, Moksha, Akasha-Projekt, Oxygen Orgasm and the Artists from Pangea, the Sonics- and the MetaWave-Future Network, the Cybertribes and all active siblings especially the lovely femme fatales 4 sharing No-Here with me. Special thanks: You all know what for shine on and spread the love!

4 “Even if it may appear, not all of my articles and texts are always or necessarily autobiographical and there is an underlying intention, because it is very important to me that they remain universal; universal if you will. On the other hand - and this is probably what the dedication entails - I also reveal myself and give a lot of myself. ”B.-Eden Ed. Of Rave New World RAVENEWWORLDW inter E quinox 2 0 0 0 Also with the 2000 edition of the Copy-Art magazine, which has been published annually since 1991, our editorial team injects effective counter-viruses into the system of illusionary feedback loops that wages information warfare. The focus of the PyromaniaArts Foundation is on transforming the media into transmitters of transpersonal, spiritual experience. Like all the decoration and multimedia installations or digital projects and parties from Pyromania, such as the Alchemistic Congress, the print project Rave New World is one of our contributions to the planetary transformation process, which aims to create the basis of conditioning and isolation undermine and finally examine and recycle the entire system of the sunset mentality! As an interface to the shamanic community and the global cyber tribes, this magazine conveys a story about the neural mutation of a high-tech generation and a story about the reconquest of the earth - our body; a story about the consciousness revolution within the global media and data network and the worldwide tribal, dance and trance movement; briefly a story about you, me ... us. As a document, instructions for use and package insert for transformative technology, the RAVE NEW WORLD is a useful handbook for self-empowerment, which is useful for us alone and within the group or partnership (in times of information overload) as a compass and folder, as a map and guide want to be. Belonging to the subculture does not automatically mean embodying the image of a subordinate class and only demanding legal tolerance for our practices and habits! Through the RAVE NEW WORLD magazine, the subculture - as well as scientists and representatives of the indigenous tribes - strive for intellectual recognition of their visions. In my role as editor and in my job as part of the living planet, I do not see vision and imagination as secondary products, but see society in great danger as long as reality and fantasy (nature and art) are still viewed as separate. After more than a decade of preoccupation with ancient tribal knowledge of the oral tradition and traditional folk wisdom, as well as scientific knowledge and discoveries available today, "scientific knowledge and the mythical worldview are not mutually exclusive, but are mutually dependent." Albert Hofmanns, who (now 95 years old) discovered the substance LSD in 1943, with which the 60s generation said goodbye to the state-prescribed form of reality. In the text of the 1990 video 'Secrets ov Gaia', produced in co-production with the Golden Dawn Factory, we expressed this new-old consciousness: “Gaia, as a world soul and planetary organism, is more than just the sum of its parts, as well as human consciousness is more than just neurons and thunderstorms of electrons in the human brain '. In the same year Timothy Leary visited us and in the following year we conceived an event at which Terence McKenna also had this earth consciousness; the Gaian Mind, or the World Soul, addressed when he said: “It is not we who are intelligent - we are the brain cells of an intelligent being - the earth. If we appreciate that, everything will blossom. If we fail to appreciate it, nothing will blossom. It is a model of holographic and fractal information that exists embedded everywhere in space and time; like William Blake said, "Not is lost, nothing is ever lost." The topics of this year's edition of the year 2000 approach the focus of media-generated realities and solar technology, and initially deal with the primary reality emerging in shamanic cultures as well as heretical-alchemical currents, with its relation to the soul component. We cover essentials such as tree occupation, Mayan sciences, physical and meditation exercises, the 3rd Congress of the European Collegium for Consciousness Studies (ECBS), the Shamanic Symposium, mind-expanding substances and our inherited ability, with the help of these paths / tools / techniques, our human Recognize, reduce and resolve perception filters and pathological behavior patterns. Because, even if everyone still has their story ... “Man will disappear like a face in the sand on the seashore,” wrote the philosopher Michel Focault 30 years ago. Now the self-transformative nexus, the falcon, the New Adam or post-historical man emerges. Many articles, topics and contents are mosaic parts of his perception. Pieces of the puzzle of a new worldview (and value system) that the subculture had already recognized in the sixties. This shift of the linear towards the pattern recognition of the left hemisphere of the brain, in which the TAO is located, led again in the past decade to a shift of consciousness and a dancing movement on a planetary scale. The RAVE NEW WORLD deals with the resonance codes of the dawning New Age. We who grapple with the resonance codes of the dawning New Age; we who live the dream are the midwives of this New Earth - are part of the manifestation of the New World. We anchor experiences among each other, constantly create better art, frequencies, colors, sounds and use the RAVE NEW WORLD to map new horizons of experience and to ground what we have experienced ... and it feels good to know to get up tomorrow and to be able to experience how these bundles of information will flow from you for you, to us and from us. Shine on and spread the truth of love! A R C H A I S C H - Z E I T G E M Ä S S - F U T U R I S T I S C H b.-eden


6 Maybe you will die tomorrow! The church of all churches, the parody of all religions, the craziest of all "New Age" ideas, now (finally) also in Germany ... The holy church of SubGenius! Introduction by Micky Remann It is time. Awake! SLACK is near. The holy church of the sub-geniuses has reached the German hinterland with its revival crusade for pre-Armagedon blow-out events. In the program: miraculous healings and miraculous diseases, plus a prophecy that calls on us all to reflect. Namely that tomorrow the world will end and you could be killed! Is that true? Well, probably not, but it gets your attention for more questions: Are we controlled by secret forces? Will strange space monsters and an amazing new world bring? The answer is yes! Staggering, but the conspiracy put us out of the SLACK. But BOB, the ultimate prophet for profit, gave us the assurance that the X-ists from Planet X would come back in 1998 and give us back the SLACK. The Church of the Subgenies is a public secret order for grinning blasphemysticism, dedicated to total SLACK and engaged in the following devangels: joke, sadofuturism, megaphysics, schizophrediatry, morealism, sarcastic, apocalyptionomy, hypnoediatry, subliminalism, satyriology and mixed theology. "Stop! Just a moment, all over again. What are we talking about? Who is bob What is the conspiracy? What is SLACK? And what on earth is the Church of Sub-Geniuses? Well, there are different stories about the Church, but they are all true. The Church, it must be said once, boasts of its content-related contradictions (contradictions), its affirmative negation and positive negations. Some even claim that it is the only true industrial religion that came to deliver us from a life of chronic normality. Others believe it is true, the whole thing as a large shipment, a massive joke routine by a group of KoAnti_Conspirateurs from Dallas (USA). Of course, this is exactly what the conspiracy would have us believe. It's all right, it's all a joke. - Only Bob doesn't laugh at it. ‘’ Bob “Dobbs, our top popist, is a former hobby tool salesman who received his immaculate in the early 50s. In an instant he became a very wealthy hermit who scribbled his mystical wisdom on notes, which then fluttered to his students from somewhere. "Bob" is also a disembodied cartoon face of a guy with a grin like he's eating shit. But has a pipe in his mouth. This Bobskopp is the foremost icon of the church and all kinds of miraculous powers are eo ipso ascribed to it. "Bob" is the only creature who can save us from the wrath of JHVH-1, from a space monster that we accidentally call God and who has managed our planet like a disgruntled villain for millions of years. Mark Mothersbaugh of the DEVO group said again: "Bob", this is like an enema in a clogged society "" "" ""

7 And with a little luck and money, Bob prophesied, the superior aliens, the X-ists, would hit Earth at exactly seven o'clock in the morning on July 5, 1998 for the hopeless garbage that humanity believes to be to straighten it again. Unless the conspiracy got us down beforehand. The conspiracies are "those" we always hear about - "those" who are responsible for the assassinations of Kennedy, the Smurfs, Big Brother and everything that sucks and acidifies us. “When that first hand hit your butt while giving birth, that was the conspiracy that told you,“ Start screaming! ”The conspiracy takes the caffeine out of your coffee and then charges you double the price. The conspiracy requires you to look like the people on TV and once you get the right clothes, it changes the way people look on TV, ”says Pastor Stang from Dallas. "Act like a dull cheek and they will treat you like their own." The Church of Sub-Geniuses also demands something from you, namely your money. But you only pay us to find out what you REALLY think. "Bob" says: "Always wear the blinders in front of your eyes." That's still bullshit, but at least it's YOUR bullshit. Your most secret wishes will be more than fulfilled - when you finally know what you want! What is the Church of the Subgenius? The Zorro among the religions. No, this church is not a joke! Sure we get more laughs than the Scientologists, the ADAC or the Tagesschau, but all of these call for brain death. We against it ...! This is not a parody. This is our calling, our task, OUR MISSION! The greatest danger is that the Holy Church of the SubGenius would become popular - and the conspiracy is already working on it - and that it would water down BOB's message. If we let the conspiracy go, the Church of the SubGenius would sell it to us as a single cheap JOKE! Uh, but ... what exactly is this Church of the Subgenius now? You want to know it. This question is asked thousands of times, every day, everywhere. And that is a good thing, because this is the most pressing question of our time. There is no answer. No description, words are not enough. You just have to SEE and gradually come to complete clarity. This is the nameless mission. A true mission is always nameless. Incomprehensible! If you want to remain incredulous in the face of THE FORCES, bring this scripture out of your house. If you don't like the cold, get out of the fridge. RAVE

8 Eugen Drewermann, ex-Kom Catholic pastor on the one in Rome, wrote a book about IS TOO TRUE, then you risk scorching your naked and tame soul in BOB's incandescent truth. If you think you are a Christian but you are not one, then you will see demons in these scriptures. If your belief system is paranoid, these lines will give you reasons enough for paranoia of all kinds. You will see what you want to see and you will pay to know what you really think. You will pay HER. THEY have taken you so far from real seeing and made your most instinctive hopes and desires so impossible and impractical that you are still looking at what they are showing you instead of really looking around. Who is BOB? J.R. "Bob" Dobbs: The High Pope of the Holy Church of SubGenius, who came to save the human race in the hope that Slack would rule this world. BOB is the one, true SlackMessias with the spiritual know-how that helps us to open the locked gate to money heaven. Quote from J.R. “BOB” Dobbs, top popist and guru of all sub-geniuses: “I don't obey what I preach, because I'm not one of those who listen to me.” The love for BOB can kill a normal person. We therefore urge you not to leave these scriptures lying around unattended, but rather to hide them safely from the eyes of uninitiated, unless, of course, you have mastered the impossible art of explaining the Holy Church of the SubGenius in order to challenge a decayed, superstitious world . We recommend keeping writings like this only in the most sacred, secret, private and inaccessible places, as is usually the case in the excretion chamber. Here on the holy throne of the Holy of Holies you can be alone with the spirit of BOB, far from the entanglements of conspiracy. You cannot become a SubGenius. If you are not already freed from false health, you never will be. We are not trying to convert everyone. Many are not saved because it is too late. In general, true SubGenii are not followers, beginners or followers. Oh, BOB, we pray to you here that we may see what we are really thinking. May you save us from turning your cute name into a fashionable joke. Your servants save us from total temptation and prevent our resignation in pop. And yet let's make a profit somehow so that we may continue to spread your seeds wherever and however. Amen. Without regrets. Please chew this material right away and spit against the next wall! Money By the way, here is the secret formula to get money and slack straight away: “I see the perfect plan very clearly - after all, I paid for it! I know what I am really thinking. "BOB" is my infallible broker and large sums of money come to me quickly, effortlessly, in a perfect way. Divine slack is now dissolving in my bloodstream. Fuck the conspiracy! What is "Slack" Slack is what you want. Slack is what you need. As the Pope of Greater New York said: “With the fulfillment of the Slack, a change will come: Slack will come into your life, Slack will make you see, Slack will set you free. Slack is. Slack is alive. Slack is waiting for you out there and yeah! Send us 50 DM. We can't make it any easier. Don't sit around and just wait for Slack. Most of all, don't work for it. Getting to Slack is an exact science. This science, the ability to see, will teach you someone you can trust unconditionally. Yeah, it's BOB. The fact that you have come this far - after all, you are holding these lines in your hands - shows that you are not completely "asleep". They haven't completely absorbed you. Not yet. The conspiracy The conspiracy, the conspiracy of all conspiracies, is the industrial religion of our time, total organization. Be on your guard! They can still trap you, as bait they will offer you fake slack. This is what they want from you, your slack. No, you do not belong to them and you never belonged to them, even when they made you want you to. They just want your slack. That means: you got the slack first! They managed to steal most of your slack. But they didn't get everything and they didn't get BOB and as long as there is ONE FREE MAN among us, their system is not closed. But you have to close your system, otherwise it will collapse, that is your own rule. The rule of normality. YES. They want you to at least wish you were normal. Maybe you look normal too. You may be acting normal. But you are not normal. You are just not normal! And it is the power of your abnormality that saves you, that causes their system to have no place for you, that makes you a SubGenius. For conspiracy people are only fuel; 'Disposable teens'. SubGenii aren't people, they block the gears. If you're human, you've read too much. Immediately close your eyes and drop those leaves! NOW! ! Contact: "SubGenius" T.O.I. Postfach 41 07 28 D-12117 Berlin SLACK = registered trademark & ​​essence of the church doctrine. It means roughly sloppy, sloppy sloppiness de luxe!

9 400 years ago, in February 1600, after months of interrogation, including torture, the scientific scholar Guiordano Bruno was accused of being a heretic and burned on behalf of the Church in the market square in Rome called Campo Fiori - say murdered. The reason ?! Now, while the hermetic philosophy was classified as "dangerous" by the church, Bruno saw in hermetism the "former, true philosophy" that was distorted and corrupted - just like the teaching of Jesus by the church and the priesthood. In 1979, just a few months after taking office, Pope John Paul II convened a commission to deal with the Galileo case. In 1984 the Vatican secret archive published part of the trial files from 1633, from which it emerges that the trial against Galileo was not conducted because of his scientific knowledge, but because of the suspicion of hermeticism in the succession of Guiordano Bruno. Then, on the evening before All Saints' Day in 1992, the Pope gave a speech in front of the Scientific Academy in Rome and admitted that Galileo had been wrongly condemned. Soon afterwards it became known that John Paul II and a committee of high-ranking churchmen were working on an even more explosive paper: a confession of guilt, which should comment on the wrongdoing of the church and which should be published in the year 2000. The eagerly awaited document was entitled “Remembering and Reconciling - The Church and Her Past Wrongs”. That year, on March 12, 2000, the Vatican Press Office published a 40-page confession of guilt. In addition, four days later, Papa Paul admitted to thousands of believers in St. National Socialism. ... but it also became clear that the Pope did not remember all of the crimes and sins of his church against humanity, because inadvertently he ignored the knowledge-creating mystic Guiordano Bruno and that through him when doing the big cleaning to reform represented worldview. The geocentric view of the world, which saw the earth as the center of the universe orbited by the planets, was summarized around 100 AD by the Egyptian seer, astrologer Ptolomew, from knowledge of ancient knowledge. Because of the church, this wrong image remained. Eugen Drewermann, ex-communicated Catholic pastor, on the Campo Fiori in Rome, wrote a book about G. Bruno. A shorn heretic in a penitent shirt is handed over from the ecclesiastical to the secular authorities and burned. An angel takes the saved soul to heaven. (15th century) the earth will exist until the 17th century. The true enlightenment only began in the 16th century through the work of Bruno and Copernicus. The former was killed because of his claims. The latter put forward in 1543, through astronomical observations with a telescope and calculations by other astronomical experts, the thesis that the earth revolves around the sun, but was accused by the church and forced to reject his theses under torture. But even if the church tried with all available means to maintain its power and a small, orderly worldview ... The modern age was born. We dedicate the following two articles in different styles to the seer and visionary. "

10 Giordano Bruno's vision of the infinite and eternal and the awakening of man in paradise “Who can call the child by its right name? The few who recognized something of it, who foolishly did not keep their full heart, To the mob their feeling, their vision revealed, Has always been crucified and burned. "J.W. Goethe FAUST - The Tragedy Part One In this allusion to Jesus Christ and Giordano Bruno, Goethe expressed the age-old experience that the revelation of a deep, even revolutionary truth was mostly not rewarded with gratitude and appreciation, but punished with persecution and death. But what made people like Jesus or Bruno act so “foolish”? Didn't they know that a painful death would be the price of their frankness? Of course, they were fully aware of this - with all the fear of death and the fruit of the terrible pain. And yet why did they not take the opportunity to flee, to withdraw and thereby save their lives? Perhaps because of this they saved their lives in a broader sense; it wasn't just about this one, limited human life on the surface for both of them. No - they had recognized and lived a deeper and at the same time higher life - right down to the last consequence. The truth of this greater life was so important to them that they were ready to give their own life for it. February 17, 1600 on the Roman Campo de ’Fiori; an eyewitness reports: “He looked pale and pale - apparently weakened from the loss of blood he had suffered from past tortures. His arms hung lifelessly. It had been torn from its joints when it was braided over the wheel. And that's not all - the terrible instruments of torture had scraped the flesh down to the bone in many places. ”What unimaginable psychological and physical torture Giordano Bruno had suffered for the sake of the truth, before the flames of the pyre released him from his ordeal. With Bruno's execution, the church once again clearly documented its fear of losing power and questioning its apparently God-given dogmas. But what was Bruno's show that plunged the oh-so-pious churchmen into such a panic that Bruno even replied to his death sentence: “You proclaim the sentence against me with perhaps greater fear than I receive it!”? Bruno postulated a fundamentally new conception of the world and people. With his cosmology he broke through the Copernican fixed star boundary, expanded the universe into infinity and reasonably abolished the apparent separation between God and the world.In Bruno's work “About the Infinite, the Universe and the Worlds”, he laid down one of his most important statements in the disputation figure of the PHILOTHEO: “I call the universe as a whole infinite because it has neither edge, nor limit, nor surface; I do not call the universe all-encompassing infinite, because every part that we can extract from it and each of the worlds it contains is finite. I call God as a whole infinite, because he excludes every limit of himself, and each of his properties is one and infinite; and I call God all-encompassing infinite, because he is wholly in the world as a whole and in an infinite and all-encompassing way in all its parts: in contrast to the infinity of the universe, which is all-encompassing in the whole, and not in these parts (if they because with reference to the infinite “parts” may be called), which we can flow into the whole. ”Here Bruno shows very clearly the relationship between God and the universe and points to the omnipresent immanence of the divine. Since outer space is the effect and the product of an infinite cause or an infinite God, this, according to Bruno, must itself be infinitely infinite. While the surface phenomena of our world are subject to a change in the forms of becoming, the one being *, as the reason, is everything

11 beings, eternal, infinite and unchangeable. In his work “From the infinite universe and the worlds” he calls out to man: “There are no edges and borders, no barriers and walls that deceive us about the infinite abundance of things.” In other words, we do not have to go to something beyond Paradise waiting; we are already and necessarily in the divine, for the divine is the all-embracing whole. We already live in the celestial sphere, as the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk clearly pointed out in his spherology: “Heaven is not something to go to ... but it is the place where we are without an alternative. We are always inside. ”But we are not aware of this fact. This ignorance and oblivion of being is the separation, it is the prevention of the direct vision of the infinite in everything. Our normal, human senses, however, reflect a different picture of the world: a limited world, a world of scarcity and finiteness. In order to be able to look into the heart of things, to recognize the infinite and eternal in the apparently finite and temporally conditioned, we have to develop the "eye of contemplation" (Ken Wilber). Mostly the light of our fleshly eye is refracted in the prism of the blind or semi-blind eye of the spirit through ignorance and then forms the colors, shapes, tones and smells of the known, physical universe. By purifying the mind from untruth and purifying the mind from ignorance, the eye of contemplation can see through the stillness of thought the infinite and eternal ground of phenomena. The essence of things is then revealed in the original and all-embracing lightness and empty fullness. The truth of the possibility of paradisiacal awareness, due to the being of reality, can only be seen by each individual through his own eye of contemplation. It is not enough for someone to tell us about Shambhala or the Garden of Eden; we have the possibility - yes the task - to be there and to live in the light. This was Giordano Bruno's message; we have always lived in the eternal and infinite - wake up and know (yourself)! How did Albert Hofmann say with reference to Aldous Huxley and this again in reference to William Blake: "If the gates of perception are cleaned, everything will appear to man as it is infinite ..." This cleaning or purification must be based on the mental, vital and even physical aspects of being human and is brought about by the daily practice of a spiritual-spiritual discipline, such as integral yoga **. To this end, the psychological qualities such as truthfulness, right action, purity, memory (of true knowledge), gratitude, humility, perseverance, faith, striving, love and adoration (of the divine), sincerity and devotion (to the divine will) must be indispensable. to be tirelessly unfolded. Without this self-transformation, the vision of infinite and eternal reality cannot be anchored, even if some in the mystical experience are given a brief look over the fence of illusion beforehand. Without this self-transformation, we must necessarily be separated from the truth of our being in everyday life, because our concrete life must bear witness to our knowledge. Truth has to become deeply rooted in our existence, but to do this we have to tear ourselves away from the rusty chain of egoism and leave the dark cave of old habit. On this basis, we can then experience the truth of infinite and eternal reality on our own body in extraordinary states of consciousness, which can be achieved and stabilized very well and in a timely manner through holotropic flow dancing, for example, and experience it again and again until this extraordinary state of consciousness becomes the ever present Awareness has grown and we realize that the expulsion from paradise was actually just a self-created illusion. With Love Arjuna "" "" "In 1945, a scroll called the Secret Legacy of the Living Jesus was discovered in Nag Hamadi, the Gospel of St. Thomas, according to scholars around the world from the words of the historical Jesus that we own. The Vatican to this day refuses to recognize these gospels, describing them as heretical. "The Kingdom of Heaven is in you" The Kingdom of Heaven is in you "The Kingdom of heaven is in you “The kingdom of heaven is in you“ The kingdom of heaven is in you - not in houses made of clay or stone, - not in houses made of clay or stone, - not in houses made of clay or stone, - not in houses made of clay or stone, - not in houses made of clay or stone, and it surrounds you everywhere: and it surrounds you everywhere: and it surrounds you everywhere: and it surrounds you everywhere: and it surrounds you everywhere: Split a piece of woodCrack one piece WoodCrack a piece of woodCrack a piece of woodCrack a piece of wood and you will find me, and you will find me, and you will find me, and you will find me, and you will find me, pick up a stone, pick up a stone, pick up a stone pick up a stone, pick up a stone and I'll be there. ”and I'll be there.” and I'll be there. ”and I'll be there.” and I'll be there. ” Gospel of St. Thomas "" "" "

12 It is a warm spring morning on Alpha Centauri 5. On this February 17th of the year 2600 of the Terran calendar, which is based in the middle on the harmonious time cycles of the calculations of the Maya calendar, the reincarnated Christian philosophers Eugen Drewerman and Giordanetti Bruno, known as Guiordano Bruno, sit on one simple wooden bench next to Bruno's thatched mud hut. You enjoy the morning sun and look down into a valley, which Sirian star engineers have given a deceptively real Mediterranean flair. A thick book with a wooden cover lies on a wooden desk, and wickerwork is scattered on the floor. While the two are chatting, the sun rises in the azure, and in the distance fine dust melts into a golden light. Behind a nearby rock belt, the Cozmick-TV broadcast team is getting ready for the announced transmission. On the occasion of the thousandth anniversary of his assassination by the Holy Roman Inquisition on the Roman Campo dei Fiori, Guiordano Bruno will soon be discussing with representatives of ethical and religious bodies in the galaxy in real time. Probably hardly anyone is listening again, or the wrong people are listening. Eugenio: Probably hardly anyone is listening again, or the wrong people are listening. Bruno: It's worth it. In addition, I am known and loved as a visionary by not a few extra-terrestrial cultures, because I already viewed them as part of an infinite universe when the church still held the view that the stars were glued to the celestial sphere as a kind of decoration. It is downright foolish and mean to believe that there are no other living beings, no other senses, no other intelligences than appear to our sense organs. The whole universe is permeated by the divine spirit, therefore there can be no preferred point in the universe. Eugenio: You presented this point of view as early as 1591 in your work “From the Infinite”, and with this picture of the multiverse you were way ahead of your time. How was your thesis with the unlimited mind and what reactions did you observe back then? Bruno: If there are no limits in space, then there are also no limits in time. By universe we understand the infinitely material substance in infinite space. The universe is a single continuum. I recognized the stars, which were constantly visible beyond Saturn, as suns. I had no plausible arguments for any of these ideas, just my intuition: An infinite God who creates a world in order to be represented in it can only have created an infinite world; any other world would be too small for God. I was ahead of the egocentric and geocentric version of the universe propagated by those in power. The Church had appropriated Aristotle's worldview because it fitted so well with the biblical story of creation; Aristotle had been made an idol that could not be contradicted. One thing had to be believed because Aristotle said so. But anyone who wants to philosophize must first question everything that is given. In a debate one must not take a stand until one has heard the other opinions and weighed their pros and cons. You should never just take a position blindly because it reflects the opinion of the majority, or because it comes from someone who is distinguished by prestige and influence. Rather, it is important to go beyond that, to a truth that endures in the light of reason. In spite of the undeniable greatness of Aristotle, the earth is not a disk, nor does it form the center of everything I can say today without a zealous cleric holding the torch to my robe. By universe we understand the infinitely material substance in infinite space. The universe is a single continuum. It is and remains downright foolish to believe that there are no other living beings, no other senses, no other intelligences than appear to our senses. Bruno, De Immenso 1591 Before me, early Greek thinkers had come up with similar cosmic designs. Basically, at the time of the Renaissance, I tied in with the cosmological ideas of antiquity. As early as five hundred years before the beginning of our era, Democritus recognized the Milky Way as a collection of infinitely many stars. I dreamed of the rebirth of the ancient of At the beginning of the 26th century, time travelers are used to meeting in coordinated time periods of the past or future. We attend such a meeting of three philosophers discussing the grievances that keep our community from reading the true book of God again. GUIORDANO BRUNO AND THE SECRET OF THE SEAGULL A FUTURISTIC MYSTERY

13 fineness in the exchange of ideas. Any standpoint, no matter how absurd, could be openly discussed at the time. Because only then could ideas be developed. The Christian Thought Police stopped this development for a while, but it could not last. Bob Marley once put it this way: "You can fool some people for a while, but you can't fool everyone forever." Eugenio: Yo, brother! Every church that tries to clothe God's image in dogmas is too small for the true nature of God. Bruno: Exactly. And I broke the dogma by depriving them of the opportunity to make definitive statements about God. God is perpetually in the process of becoming and passing away - an infinite dynamic and not restrictable or rigid and therefore the counterpart of every small-mindedness. The essence of God cannot be localized spatially or temporally, and thus cannot be managed by a theological bureaucracy. How could one just establish a monopoly on one God who is in all things? That's impossible. Therefore the church had to reject my vision and in a clever advertising campaign, supported by the printing press, to spread its own version of the truth. Eugenio: Not much has changed in that regard. In her fear and fanaticism of possessing the truth, the Church has always refused to enter into a dialogue and referred to the old interpretation of the scriptures. Bruno: A dialogue presupposes the willingness to change the positions of the interlocutors. Someone who claims to be infallible is unable and unwilling to exchange thoughts. The idea of ​​the infallibility of a person or an institution leads directly to oppression, terror and violence, which expresses the opposite of understanding and tolerance. Eugenio: There is something to what you are saying. You, I'll freeze the beautiful view for a moment, I see you have a message on your holo-com. Bruno picks up a blinking cube of an indefinite color. He touches some sensor fields. The cube opens like blossoms and the bluish shimmering hologram of a cheerful man stands in the air in front of you after a final electric crackle. Bruno: I can't believe it! This is Timoteo Leary! You have been dead for six hundred years, old friend, what a joy! Eugenio, ... um, dear viewers, I would like to introduce you to Timothy, an evolutionary agent from the very beginning, who activated his neural circuits and the flower power movement in the sixties, and in the nineties as the guru of the Californian computer freaks the free use of Mind -Mirror programs and virtual worlds propagated and buried in space with a space shuttle. Timoteo: Happy deathday, Bruno! Hi Eugenio! I was never dead. Like you, I have left my human body as a unit of consciousness and live ... as a virus in various computer systems throughout the galaxy and it was never, well, seldom so exciting and your live broadcast is about to start here! ? Bruno: Yes, galaxy-wide Cosmick TV. Nice that you thought of me today. Thanks Timoteo. Timoteo: All of us here have had similar experiences with the establishment. The gentle Eugenio got away with it best, because he has just lost his pastoral office. They locked me in jail for ten years under some silly pretext (for a handful of marijuana budds!), And what happened to you, everyone has noticed by now, what Bruno? Bruno: But hello. My statue has stood on Campo dei Fiori since 1889 and looks accusingly over at the court of the Vatican. The statue turned out a little dark for my taste, but at different times different groups took pictures of me that said more about them than about me. Actually, I was mostly doing pretty well. Timoteo: Yes you said it! My version of a religion should also be cosmopolitan and cheerful. In one of my psychedelic plays, I said to Jesus, “Hey Jesus, if you pull this off, you will leave behind a two thousand year tradition of suffering and guilt. Christian soldiers will march for centuries to avenge you. Don't do it Jesus. Better get off your cross and we'll build a party, LET A PARTY GO UP! Let's invent a happy religion that doesn't call the act of conception a dirty act. Come on, let's start a religion that laughs and sings with joy! ”Then I pulled my nails out and we danced a two-step. The audience went wild. "Eugenio: You are an incorrigible optimist

14 timoteo. I would never have dared to portray this scene in such a disregarded manner. Timoteo: Disrespect is the watchword of the future. The idea of ​​God being held hostage by a bunch of old men was just too silly. God is everywhere, eternal and infinite: split a piece of wood and I'll be there. Pick up a rock and you will find me. I will then disappear again. Take care, guys. Bruno: See you brother. You are still the most dangerous man in the universe because everyone will become like you. You will think for yourself! Timoteo: Yeah. Why not? The hologram lights up briefly, shrinks to a bright vertical line, and goes out with a beep. In the next moment a woman passes the hut. It's Rosa Lux m Bourg, who lives in a sleepy village nearby. She has had a very good relationship with Bruno for a long time. She never found the obstinate Eugenio particularly attractive. Rosa: Good morning, my talkative friends! If you keep philosophizing around like this, the fuses in the brain-bulb will still blow. Bruno: Hello, my angel! Eugenio (shy): Hi! Rosa: And comb your hair before you step in front of the camera. Incidentally, I'm currently writing a leaflet. How do you like it: “Tomorrow the revolution will rise up with a rattle and proclaim to your horror with the sound of a trumpet: I was, I am, I will be!” Bruno: “I was, I am, I will be. “That hits it exactly. What is perceived by the eyes is subject to the eternal order of change and change.Nothing changeable and compound consists in two successive moments of exactly the same parts and in the same order of the parts. Rosa: Why do philosophers have to gossip about like that? See you later then. Rosa strolls on into the village. Eugenio: Wow ... old Swede, um Nolaner! Pink is absolutely gorgeous. You can count yourself lucky. Bruno: Isn't it? She is smart, educated, and beautiful. I dedicated a poem to her: Because do you know who you are to me? I often call you my sister, because for me you are my very best and dearest friend on earth. And do you know how you are to me? Often I call you my heart, my happiness, Because your love carries me back to paradise where you are. And do you know where you are for me? Often I call you dove, Rosa Because you are the soul, the timeless figure in all things. Eugenio: The human soul must be infinite in order to function as a mirror of the infinite God. I have always admired your poetic expressiveness. It is love that drives the intellect forward and makes it eager to know. But the more a person understands himself or another person, or a truth of the cosmos, one will notice that it goes on indefinitely. Every realization has its own failure. Bruno: Yes, of course, the romantic relationship model has failed. It was a bourgeois illusion that very few people found viable. Still, whoever sees something inferior in love is depraved without being original. Besides, if God had wanted us to live like monks, he would not have given us these bodies, what Eugenio? Eugenio: You say it. In their endeavor to build a patriarchal power structure, the church fathers built a lot of hostile rubbish into their ideology. As a truly religious person, I particularly hurt that they did not refrain from calling their ideological works sacred. People are first of all people, and they all have the same themes, that is death and love, and in between, their life takes place in an endless chain of searching, finding, losing and starting over. You Bruno, you dared to love, to live, to think and to be free.

15 For this they locked you up, tortured you, and finally burned you alive. Bruno: When it came to their power, they hardly withheld anything. In my play “Der Fackelträger” I have summarized my observations within this bigoted society as follows: You see cutthroats, cheaters and crooks; senseless decisions, misguided beliefs, crippled hopes, stingy charity; Judges who appear noble and serious to the outside world; one hears well-educated voices that are nevertheless without compassion, so that whoever believes most strongly is most seriously deceived, and everywhere the love of gold. Eugenio: And when you held up a mirror to the church, its face looked terrible! How much strength belongs to a martyrdom that is taken upon itself solely for the sake of truth and personal conviction. Bruno: I've always felt obliged to the truth. I haven't added anything. My visions drove me forward and I enjoyed talking about them. But all of this was a long time ago. I don't know what happened to the church. If at any point in time the moral superiority of the church actually existed, it has become absurd through its criminal acts. Would you like another foam waffle, Eugenio? Eugenio: Hmm, yes thank you. It probably disintegrated at some point after sinking into complete insignificance. The philosophers eat foam waffles and look pensively down into the light-flooded valley. A lonely gull is circling again nearby. Eugenio: Funny. How did the Moewe get here? Bruno: I don't know. This gull seems to me clearly out of place. Well, I'll go then. Eugenio (worried): Don't make yourself unpopular again, Bruno! Lord, give me the strength and the patience to endure all of this! Bruno (laughs): German analysts can be so melodramatic. Relax, Eugenio. Everything is as it should be. Now don't sit around so depressed. I'll be back in an hour and then I want the food to be on the table. These verbal battles make me hungry. Eugenio: sigh resolutely Bruno approaches the broadcast team. He smiles because he knows that his arguments and visions, which he will present in the following minutes, will not only meet with approval. But the truth cannot be imprisoned or burned. The truth is. Without a beginning, without an end. Infinite. "Hey, guys, are you ready?" And again the media drama is broadcast in technocolored quadrophony ... into the galaxy. In the meantime the Moewe has settled on the book and decreed as Moewen usually do this, unnoticed by Eugenio, on the book. She wisely winks at the philosopher, rises into the air, and disappears, carried by a warm breeze. Soon it will be just a small point on the horizon. Suddenly Eugenio jumps up and rushes towards the wooden desk: "That doesn't exist! A bird actually shit on the book! ". † FIN † DON ALFONSO, 2000 EV Source: Don Alfonso for Rave New World Redaktion, 2000 Footnote: (The plot and characters in this story are more or less made up. The contributions to the conversation are based on texts by Giordano Bruno, Eugen Drewermann, Timothy Leary and Rosa Luxemburg oriented, who completed a brief guest appearance as an alibi woman in this group of men. There is also a disturbing similarity of the scenery with the "Temptation of Saint Anthony" by Gustave Flaubert. Strange, but that's how it is written.) When Timothy Leary was arrested, he named himself Guiordano Bruno and was mistakenly but fortunately mistaken for the nephew of the godfather of the mafia family Bruno from Miami by his fellow inmates; -) !!!!! References: Guiordano Bruno, dtv portrait, Gerhard Wehr, 1999, 16.90 DM Guiordano Bruno, dtv philosophy now! 1999, 29.90 DM Guiordano Bruno or or Der Spiegel de Unendlichen, dtv 1999, 19.90

16 A child is convinced that the world is the way it perceives it, because the unity between him and the world is still completely unbroken, not preprogrammed. However, this happens at the latest with school education, where we only learn to perceive a section of reality (which we can grasp with our physical sense organs); explicit: a) A) there are, for example, tones that we are unable to hear with our ears; b) B) further that there are tiny structures, distant objects and invisible radiations and carrier waves that our eyes cannot perceive and our mind cannot reproduce / visually define; c) C) there are biochemical (warfare) substances whose smell we cannot perceive (or too late ...) with our nose or our taste buds; d) subtle (gaseous) particles evade our sense of touch or the sensitivity of the skin. To expand our perception, researchers have created technical aids and equipment (... as well as non-technical, biochemical aids, which I will come back to later). With an electron microscope we can observe the finest cell structures and microorganisms and bring them into a more complex, causal understanding. With the Hubble telescope we look into the deepest depths of the universe and look at the past. Using an electron synchrotron it is possible for us to compare reactions on subatomic levels and to split each atom and to study, analyze (reflect and project again) the behavior. Nevertheless, humanity has hardly (if at all) developed further in the two or three millennia. No matter how far we expand our sensory faculties using technical, external things - a fundamental limit is set to the priority of fundamentalist, rational and traditional science where the subject of research is no longer of a sensual nature. Regardless of whether with or without technical aids: we can only see where there is something that corresponds to the corresponding sense organ, the eye, and finally the MIND. It is the same or similar with the other sense organs (our physique). So we are slowly getting closer to the understanding that perception has a lot to do with consciousness and that it can take a lot of effort to see real reality behind the curtain and - in an earthly sense - to look beyond the broadest horizon. (And when I am already driving a loop or repeating myself, despite all the arguments I quote that wonderful, clever saying; mantra: The caterpillar does not understand the butterfly). There was a cycle in the past of the expanding natural sciences, as many researchers were materialists and atheists: a) because they could not find a spirit in the largely dissected hominid body, which had been explored in almost all of its life functions, they claimed that the Earthling / human had no soul and soon began to manage, transplant, and reproduce / clone the body and its physical elements like a spare parts store in an auto repair shop; b) because they could not see a graying old man sitting in the deepest depths of the universe with their telescopes, they claimed that GOD does not exist (and does God only exist because he / she / it is aware of it - or it is our consciousness that his / her (IT) is not conscious of his / her?); c) because the planet Terra GAIA did not cry out at every predatory, commercial and unnecessary drilling, logging or other pillage or rape and a direct thunderstorm seemed to be absent from every mistreatment, they claimed that the earth was a dead ball that was animated or even alive renounce - and decidedly their unscrupulous exploitation (are we actually really aware that behind this planet there is a higher, more spiritual intelligence?); d) Because dolphins, whales, sharks and other creatures on water and on land seemed interesting and lucrative and defenseless enough to them, researchers claimed that these are lowly, stupid creatures, especially without any kind of soul - suitable for those who find themselves in the cosmic, the universal Teaching of knowledge deepened and reached by the wisdom of the super-ego, can feel in oneself how this innermost teaching leads intuitively and in the path of the heart to truth. Such an understanding, an inkling, is an answer from within the human being - from the nucleon of the heart. From this spirit grows a causal understanding that forms a solid foundation for such things that we do not yet see, but in the development of which we will undoubtedly participate. No life that is not without a doubt. No change without fear of the unknown. Because anyone who is interested in the subtle (but nonetheless revealing) aspects of this world of appearances has started his information puzzle and has progressed more or less - or has got lost in his / her ego. Perhaps it is often an odyssey if there is no guide at hand and all literature is abstract but not individual enough. This is possibly the moment to find a new, different starting point and to consider the universal teaching (Know Thyself - Gnosce Te Ipsum - Know yourself - and your self) in a morphic guise of knowledge and thus of the beginning psychosis or the expanding one Escape Schizophrenia. ... and pretty much all things start with perception ... E N D U R A

17 Hunting and killing, for the scientific, rational and sometimes perfidious study, for the potency and picture gallery as well as the noble, fashionable clothing (without wanting to overuse, but: are we really aware of the fact that apparently lower forms of life also have a spiritual capacity ? Some people even think that the spirit of the dolphins will immediately incarnate on Sirius B., the aforementioned dog star & we will meet each other). In fact, these discoveries agree that neither the soul, the spirit, nor the divinity, that principle of creation, the sensual faculties of the three-dimensional earthling can be revealed, not even through the deception of technical aids to expand perception. which were / are stored in the local and global morphoenergetic patterns testify that the limits of sensory perception are all identical. And in all time cycles there have been people / Earthlings who have tried to cross the limits of physical existence and the associated cognitive faculties (where we have come back to the non-technical aids ...). The indigenous peoples and early cultures already used drugs to widen or open the gates of perception; and even today - or maybe again - stimulating substances (drugs, medicine, medicament) are used to gain knowledge from higher dimensions. At all times, the (we) Earthlings were very inventive when it came to developing techniques and practices that gave them (us) insights into the supernatural spheres. Yoga, meditation, gem therapy and light massages (Reiki), fasting, ball vision and tarot laying, self-mortification, constant prayer and the murmuring of mantras, etc. - mostly connected with the suppression of individual sexuality. This and much more was trained as a method and practiced persistently, on a way to higher, non-sensory knowledge, which was and is also called initiation. In most of the above methods, not only or exclusively the sexual force is suppressed in order to guide and use it; rather, the compensation through the higher faculties of the human being was / is prevented by (technical) exercises: a) thinking, for example; b) speaking (and be it only certain words, formulations or certain concepts such as colors); c) letting the imagination wander. In this (technical) way, the sexual power - and with it the creative potential of the human being - is placed in the service of the development of a higher organization of the subtle body through inhibition of normal activities as well as natural compensation, until it is finally able to to perceive the supersensible worlds consciously and with full memory - that is, to gain knowledge of the realm of the supersensible and to experience initiation. These supernatural worlds, in which the Earthling only wakes up through the acquired, trained and programmed abilities of his subtle body, are extremely deceptive, illusory, and tricky; in reality they only reflect the true state of being of the intruder (earthling) - i.e. a caricature - not the real state of liberation that we are trying to achieve. For this particular reason this sphere is used in the terminology of various spiritual, philosophical teachings (and especially in the Universal Doctrine of the Inner Path of Knowledge) called the SPIEGELSPHERE. It is not without reason that the seeker (Earthling) was warned emphatically against entering and traveling the supersensible levels impure, that is, still filled with the earthly desires of the ego. In the vocabulary of the afterlife researchers of the 1960s who tuned their psychonavigation with the help of mescaline, psylocibine or LSD (who agreed, editor's note), there was a lingering expression for such an unpleasant, negative experience: horror trip. It would certainly be wrong at this point to lump everyone and everything together: among the researchers of the supersensible levels there were undoubtedly very selfless and purified people who found insight into the highest spheres and whose experiences and insights gave rise to the knowledge of humanity based on the mystery of being and the universe. We know from these people that we not only have a material body with corresponding sense organs, but also an ethereal and an astral body in which the still immature, dependent mental body is embedded. From these people we learned about the prehistoric evolution and transmutation processes and about the spiritual hierarchies that initiated and led the process of human evolution. We also know from them that with earthly death only a part of us dies, while another part follows a destiny and for the final fulfillment of this destiny is always born again in the form of the Earthling. Some of these knowledgeable people have already achieved redemption from the wheel of birth and death and have returned to earth in order to be of service to the remaining humanity in their process of becoming with their ability to read the ethereal memory of the world, the so-called AKAShA chronicle. With the task of materialistic understanding, this knowledge can be of great help. Because whoever integrates this knowledge into his / her consciousness escapes the emptiness of existence and the world is no longer as meaningless and absurd as it often seems to us, but an immeasurable and meaningful revelation of divinity, that principle of creation that lasts, pulsates .And yet - despite the sublime, supernatural view, the seeker cannot stand still in this eternal universal rotation, because even though we have learned a lot from the researchers (navigators, MAYA masters of the time axis) of supernatural, "" "" "

18 What remains hidden from the materially bound body, so the knowledge gained in the subtle material also has its defined limit. Knowledge is based on the correspondence between the being of the world in its various aspects and the organs with which man is equipped to perceive the world. The material human being recognizes the sensible world, but nothing beyond it. With his purified subtle body, man can recognize the supersensible world, but nothing beyond it. If we stop here, we do not learn anything about the worlds that follow beyond - the divine sphere that creates and feeds everything in its breaths and the source of life is the supersensible and sensual world. If we stop here to enjoy the view, we do not yet know anything about the origin of man, which is not of a supersensible nature but of divine unity; we also know nothing about the release of man from captivity in this seductive and deceptive double world of sensuality and supersensuality, of this world and the hereafter. Neither the material nor the subtle body possesses the necessary organs of perception and instruments for the divine world. For this simple reason we are deaf and blind and disbelieving with regard to every dimensionally higher purified level, especially divine allegiance - we do not have such a body that it allows us to receive insights, information, impulses of those harmonies of creation. Unfortunately, we have not yet understood how these things can (will) be handled. On the other hand, the human being (we) can already be reached via the subtle body for otherworldly vibrations when it (we / I) cannot yet consciously use it. The change of consciousness is connected with the construction of the etheric body, the new soul, as an organ corresponding to the divine worlds. However, the power to develop the fourth body, which will bring us into a higher understanding of complex divinity, does not only come from the creative core power of nature. These cosmic forces of formation, becoming and being of the New Soul now open the dance to Aquarius, the age of the Aquarius, and are attracted by the magnetic ability of the spirit nucleon, which reacts, reflected. Let us consider this spiritual spark as a subatomic remnant of our actual, intergalactic ancestry, which vibrates and works in our hearts and thereby attracts and exchanges building materials, information from an energy flow, the Kuxan Suum in the mythology of the MAYA, the umbilical cord of the universe: the Kundalini of the heart When this source pours into the heart, our longing for the New Soul awakens as a return to a spiritual field of life that could hardly appear more divine. Techniques and not practices (and sexual-magical mortification can have more damaging effects ...) lead to this home of man, but only the complete turn to a divine process of overcoming the ego, letting go of binding habits and the natural mediation of the Mind breathing, meditation, being one, not being. This (quite longer, but accelerating) process brings about the purification of the entire hominid system, i.e. the lower self to the higher self - that means, the material and subtle corporeality and the microcosm to the macrocosm (what sounds so complicated here, it is not actually ; we will learn to look deeper and explore existence). In the mystical language she was and is called the divine Sophia, the bride who celebrates the reunion with the cosmic bridegroom, the so-called monad, the divine archetype, in an alchemical wedding. The absolute spirit principle unites with the new soul of the purified man (purification - people - light). Only now can the person, to whom he has only now actually become, recognize his sisters and brothers in God (Brahma), just as he (we / I) will (become / will) recognize himself in God. Such union brings the fourth body to the human being, the real bearer of the mind, which harbors the ability to recognize a divine thought in his works. This entire event as a process of becoming consciousness to higher consciousness, the alchemical marriage, is the transfiguration, transmutation - the elixir of evolution. Resurrection from the sensual and supersensible into that spiritual body of a quantum god. With this, the ENDURA of the Cathars (and the philosophy of the modern Rosenkreutz) takes place - it is the slow-acting process of the EGO inheritance, and a final metaphor for what has not yet been said at the moment ... because it is not yet consciously integrated and because almost nobody has ears to perceive this ,,, - nevertheless the future has already started in the past and is effective in the AQUARIUS: THE OLD will go so that THE NEW can live.! Source: Author: Thorn Hoeth (Temple 23, Moksha & DLS) in Alraune / ’’ Universum reveals itself ’OCT Verlag, Hamburg 1995-1997. Thorn Hoeth is the second half of what is probably the most famous German trance act of the last millennium. Under the name Moksha and DLS, they have already released several CDs with crystalline psy-trance and / or ambience.

19 The American T. McKenna lived in California, but was also the custodian of a very special garden in Hawaii, in which plants that are dying out are preserved. Appointed by Timothy Leary himself as his successor and head of the psychedelic movement in the USA, Terence was known as a storyteller, writer, botanist, Gaian prophet of hallucinogenic plants and developer of the fractal time wave program Time Wave Zero. The articles and interviews in the following chapter illustrate Terences role as a trend-setting driving force and psychedelic rationalist, whose metaphors and metaphysical insights were not universally approved. His being was inflamed by the visual hallucinations triggered by psychoactive mushrooms and DMT, and this enthusiasm was the developing mycelium-like network of the neo- or techno-shamanic community, the light of the sun and water of life at the same time. Until we published our music project Truejoycies in 1995, teTerence was involved in visionary music projects around the world, including the Shamen. From now on, Terence, as a mentor and friend, propagated the image of a world full of neo-shamanic techno tools and psycho-vitamins, transpersonal, archaic wisdom, telepathy and interspecies communication. A world in which new and yet so old portfolios and maps of spiritual realms are rediscovered and sketched. Together we saw and explored the world of alchemy, the living matter and the spiritual presence of psychedelic travel experiences, the planetary logos and the elementary structure of ... simply ... BEING. "" "" "The Cyber-Ethnopharmacology of TERENCE MCKENNA 1946 - 2000 VISIONARY POET OF THE PSYCHEDELIC RESEARCH COMMUNITY MUSHROOM GURU ALIEN MESSENGER RAVECULTURE-SPOKESMAN

20 It was on April 3, 2000 when Terence McKenna (52) in San Rafael, California, changed his dimension of being around 2:15 local time in the company of his closest friends and family members. His sudden, if not unexpected, demise, after a difficult year of chemotherapy and gamma radiation, leaves a gash. TERENCE MCKENNA On discovering, integrating, living and expressing the fundamental compasses of being. Edited by Boris Hiesserer If only a fraction of McKenna's ideas are true, he will one day be regarded as the Copernicus of consciousness, wrote the New York Village Voice. Then, in the fall of 1991, when he joined Timothy Leary on his way back from Linz (where the Ars Elektronika was taking place), I met Terence personally for the first time. Timothy had been invited by our Heidelberger Altpsychedelikern to stop by to give a lecture. we wanted to film and so our pyromantic camera team, accompanied by Werner Pieper, picked him up early in the morning from the night train at Highdelberg main station. Later, Terence wrote in retrospect •: “It was only when we met in Germany in 1990 that we became friends and shared some fulfilling moments and events. During this event in Mannheim, Tim leaned over to me and said: ‘Do you know why I love you?’ I have no idea Tim, tell me. ‘Because if one day I leave, the thing will still be in Irish hands! ’I knew what he meant by thing’ - he meant the thing that is too hilariously funny to be called that easily. I leaned back against the wall and then Tim laughed his infamous cosmic laugh and ... it sounded like an echo of the LSD trips of my past innocence. "Timothy Leary's lecture title 'From Psychedelics to Cybernetics' and the topics' Electronic Nervous System and Cyberspace ', sounded rather exotic to many of the guests present at the time. Very few people had thought about the decoration and desired content of the future cyberspace and we were even further away from understanding and recognizing that we are translating our own world into a virtual reality. Timothy explained that psychedelics mean "opening the mind" and that the cybernetic vision consists in sharing our imagination with others directly via light. But his bridging between digital and psychedelic worlds could not be understood by the majority of the audience. The press in neighboring Holland wrote: The public finds LSD better than Timothy Leary's digital reality. But all over the world he was called the inventor of cybernetic space. In me I had already started to transform the old slogan ’Sand in the gears’ into a new decision: From now on I wanted to program the frequency of playfulness and love into the machine! Most of the people around me were caught up in everyday reality and so I only vaguely suspected at that time how much our perception resembles a cyberspace that wants to be designed creatively and magically. This internal wetware cyberspace is the field of perception into and out of which our consciousness receives and translates the codes and frequencies of creation (environment) - into a subjective / objective reality of colors, as well as tones, shapes and dimensions. In our last issue of the RNW (# 8), the consciousness researcher Dr Albert Hofmann, in his lecture Glück im Blick, and the alchemist Dr Alexander Shulgin specifically addressed this major topic of perception. Terence was intrigued by visual hallucinations, especially those that triggered psychoactive mushrooms and DMT. And his enthusiasm was not only for my work, within the developing mycelium-like network of the neo- or techno-shamanic community, the light of the sun and water of life at the same time. Timothyschon expresses a similar impression in 1990 when he says: “Terence is a living legend. For the past 10 years he has emerged as the most poetic phrasebook and radical philosophical voice to help connect our psychedelic experiences with ancient shamanism. For me, Terence McKenna symbolizes one of the most important bridges for our breed to the botanical plant dimension, which has existed for thousands of years. ”In autumn of the following year we were able to welcome him again by creating a magical event with an incredible range. Michael Weber (SpaceAgency) and I (Pyromania) acted as initiators and we managed to assemble some teams with whose help this event was manifested. First clean the handle and the Phillip Morris Company, which reported on cyberspace in its in-house magazine 'Übermorgen' in 1991 and also named Ossi Urchs Minister of Nightlife, showed interest in providing us with one of the first cyberspace modules available in Germany put. After a few weeks of concentrated planning, including a visit to the SWR, the program flyer for the CYBERDOME EVENT in the Universum disotheque in Stuttgart was correspondingly bold: opening with a psychedelic initiation ritual that transcends the separation between viewers and actors into nirvana. EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE TRIP INTO A VIRTUAL REALITY Cyberspace - that is the multidimensional and neuroelectric space through whose circuits pure space flows. Crossing cyberspace means saying goodbye, personally shaking hands with the reality of yesterday and the virtual realities of the day after tomorrow. Cyberspace is the tangible design of all conceivable realities and fantasies by means of transformation using a new high-performance computer - the cyberspace module. In the module available today, one of these worlds can be traveled. Jack up - boot in - get virtual! Be a Cyberspace cadett - welcome to nowhere! The hardware of this new electronic and cybernetic revolution consists of two mainframes that generate an almost lifelike art world, a helmet with two high-resolution screens and a data glove that you put on to control virtual bodies in virtual worlds by moving your own physical hand . A couple helped the upcoming guests into their helmets and data gloves and gave the majority of the guests their first experience in the electronic data room. Not too much awaited us there, however: a few small tasks including a virtual elevator trip and a short star flight in a naive, angular and grainy design to catch one of the American Lights cigarette packs in space. However, most of them forgot to receive their pack of cigarettes as a prize in the ‘real’ world. ence McKenna (l) with John Barlow, ... and Timothy Leary (r.), Mannheim Fire Station 1991

41 It resembles a modern fairy tale and you may have heard of her through the media: - the story of Julia Butterfly Hill, that young woman with the butterfly name, who caused a massive whirlwind to develop with the flapping of her wings. The story takes place in the United States in the last few years before the millennium. There, in northern California, Julia spent two years at a height of 60 meters on an old redwood tree and survived a century of winter with storm, snow and ice. And she achieved her goal. Followed by the national, and increasingly international media reported on their action, which led to a storm of compassion and awareness, through the technologically-electronic nervous system, being triggered in large parts of global society. Here, for all Rave New World readers, the report on a modern day heroin that Times magazine dubbed 'America's Last Hero'. !!!!! But can it also dispel thick clouds and bring about a change in the weather? Well, yes !! JULIABUTTERFLYHILL most disturbances. Chaos research, can - weeks later - trigger a storm ... FROM FLASHING THE WINGS OF THE BUTTERFLY

42 Many of these 738 days, most of which she spent on her four-square-meter platform, were anything but easy. When the first winter came, some critical situations arose, because their tree-sitting action fell on the worst winter since recording of the weather history in California. Up there in the northern rainforest regions - beyond Los Angeles and Malibu, beach, sunshine and warmth - Julia and her ground station had to survive an extremely cold time with rain, snow, hail and a 16-hour storm. Wrapped in a plastic tarpaulin and clinging to Luna - that's what she called her tree - she survived, pleading and praying, even this storm with wind speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour. Tree-sitting, i.e. tree occupation as a form of protest, came from England to America 15 years ago. The aim of these actions was and is to draw the population's awareness of the grievance that the forest has become a commodity. People think that's bad, but still buy redwood furniture or window frames that are painted white anyway. Julia's action should be about creating awareness for the value of these 2,000 year old redwood trees. But now it has been reported countless times and Julia was just one more of thousands upon thousands of people who have occupied trees before. It had lost its newsworthiness and no longer seemed interesting. Her action didn't seem to have any success at the beginning either, but then reports from press teams and reporters from all kinds of media who visited Julia on site increased. It was said that she was also physically in a critical situation. Julia, who now comes across as much more relaxed on the radio and on the German talk show and not as bitter and ideologically restricted as when she was interviewed sitting in a tree, replied to the question whether she was afraid: “Oh yes, there was many times that I thought that I was going to die and of course those were bad stories.One thing was that I had enough clothes to keep warm, and I was staying in a very small area; very easy. But if even the smallest branch had broken, it would have meant my death! If you saw me from below on this huge tree, it might have looked enjoyable and as if I was just having fun, but of course it wasn't. I was aware at every moment of the danger I was exposed to! ”About her everyday life on the tree and her feelings, she says:“ First I took off my shoes and decided to only climb around barefoot because I felt much safer without shoes and was able to hold and support me much better with my hands and free toes. I had a gas cooker to make hot water for tea and since I lived in the rainforest, I could use my plastic tarpaulin, like a funnel, to catch the water from the dew, the fog and the rain. That was enough for a little cat wash. There wasn't unlimited water, but enough. We live in a fairly privileged society and all of this is taken for granted. We drink a glass of water and don't think about the fact that some people have to be thirsty. This simple lifestyle that I led there taught me to be able to enjoy the smallest things in life again and I learned to adapt and that is why I see the world very differently now. I am so grateful for that. "I love everything. The love I seek is an unconditional feeling. I am not interested in a partnership. Not that I have anything against lovers, but if you loved everything, there would be no destruction. During the day I climbed around to get exercise, except for the cold days when I only did gymnastics. And my friends brought me the food in a backpack and we roped it up on a rope that I let down. A lot of people and also locals helped me. "