How can I reset Ctrl + Z?

Forward key combination - there is one


The key combination for forward has the opposite effect of the key combination for back. So you can use it to reset undo and restore deleted sentences, words or characters. The keyboard shortcuts on a Mac are different from those on a Windows computer.

Forward: These keyboard shortcuts are available on Windows computers

You can use the key combination for Forward to undo an action that has been undone. So you achieve the opposite effect and can, for example in Word, reset the deletion of a word or character.
  1. In many programs there is an icon in the menu bar for both forward and backward. This is a curved arrow pointing right or left. If this is directed to the right, this corresponds to "forwards". Accordingly, an arrow pointing to the left is the sign for "Back"
  2. Just as there is a key combination for "Back" with "CTRL" + Z ", there is also a key combination for forward. To do this, press the "CTRL key" together with the "Y key".
  3. On some devices you can alternatively use the key combination of "CTRL" + "Shift" + "Z".
  4. Of course, you can also undo the “Back” option by pressing the “CTRL” + “Z” key combination several times.

This is the keyboard shortcut for Forward on Mac

If you have a Mac or MacBook, the keyboard shortcuts described above will not work. But there is an equivalent that you can use to undo the input of Back. To do this, press the "CMD" + "Shift" + "Z" keys on your keyboard.

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