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“You are not always right with your first reflex”: A conversation with Jan Böhmermann

Mr. Böhmermann, you recently published an interview with you on Twitter, which the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” had taken out of print at very short notice. To this end, you wrote an open letter of complaint to the editor, Jürgen Kaube. What has happened there?

I still don't know today. Maybe it was something personal or something to do with my extensive Hegel expertise that the editor was jealous of. It's an unusual process when an editorial team is planning an interview and the publisher then stops it shortly before printing without a reason. I enjoyed myself very much. I hope this had nothing to do with the fact that I made fun of the fact that the "FAZ" had invited the right-wing extremists Stephan Brandner and Alexander Gauland from the AfD for their 70th birthday. But I can't imagine that.

The publication on Twitter seemed a bit like a Trump move: I don't need the old wooden media world, I have 2.2 million followers.

Total! That just amazed me. That sort of thing is usually cleared up internally by smart people.

In your Twitter diary “Followed by nobody you follow” you write that Twitter is for you “an outlet for impulses, a mirror of my helplessness, storage location for my innermost being, ideas or nonsense, at the same time a secret diary and a megaphone under high voltage”. Do you sometimes find the importance of the medium in your life uncanny?

There are moments when I have to let go of it. So that Twitter doesn't shoot my whole summer to pieces, for example. I always turn off Twitter in June, and during the summer holidays I only read a little bit in the evening, like in a newspaper. During this time, I always make it up to myself not to tweet because I don't want to trigger things that are totally exhausting for others and me. Anyway, I wonder if it can go on forever that Twitter is so important - not just for me. The Twitter diary is an attempt to get out of this strange loop and make the digital mechanisms transparent.