What's Tesla Motors Next Vehicle 2011

Düsseldorf Elon Musk has a short fuse when it comes to his cars. The Californian billionaire and founder of the electric car pioneer Tesla sued the world's most famous car show, Top Gear, and with it the BBC in 2011. He is currently at odds with the venerable New York Times. Because, like Top Gear, they did not test one of their Stromers with the desired results.

What happened? Car tester John Broder from the New York Times got stuck with one of the Californian test cars, the new "Tesla Model S". He was stranded 40 kilometers from the next charging station and had to be towed. The corresponding picture of the car on the loading area of ​​a tow truck also opens up his critical test report.

The article really upsets the Tesla CEO. The test is unfair. Musk accuses Broder of pulling the plug too early, despite planning a longer drive. Leaving Broder with a test vehicle was a mistake from the start, but Tesla was not aware of its "disdain for electric cars," writes Musk on his blog.

And there, it also provides a series of diagrams and facts to prove that the car tester has not only dealt with the test car in a questionable manner, but also with journalistic ethos. In short: he accuses him of lying. Overall, Musk lists nine "key facts" under the title "A most peculiar test drive", which are supposed to prove the lack of seriousness of Broder's autotest article, as well as a series of diagrams that come from the test vehicle's data memory.

Broder himself sees his professional honor attacked and answers extensively and also publicly to Musk's statements in another blog post for the NYT.

Technology websites like Quartz dive into the story and compare the arguments on both sides. The outcome of the media war is still uncertain.

Both opponents are each congratulated by numerous commentators for their argumentation and unyielding attitude. Readers of both sides of the dispute have the impression that electric car prophets abuse infidels and vice versa, "petrolheads" do not want to admit the advances in alternative drives.

What is surprising about the story? Here the top company boss personally ensures that the car test of a serious journalist is rechecked by publishing the data saved from the test drive himself, as a counter-representation on his own behalf, and commenting accordingly. Unthinkable at Volkswagen and Mercedes.

And Musk is no aloof weirdo. The PayPal founder and head of the private space company "SpaceX" is, among other things, an enterprising space entrepreneur. The "Falcon 9" missile developed by him supplies the ISS with material and supplies. In November 2012 the British "Royal Aeronautical Society" awarded him a gold medal for his achievements and innovations.