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AI threat? Tesla boss Musk fears Google's DeepMind project

Tesla boss Elon Musk has been warning of the dangers of artificial intelligence for years.

He apparently has great respect, especially for the Google company “DeepMind”.

He himself invested in the company a few years ago when it was not yet part of Google.

Elon Musk has been warning for years about the dangers that the future of artificial intelligence could possibly bring for us. The billionaire and Tesla boss predicted in 2016 that humans could one day be to artificial intelligence what domestic cats are to humans today. Since then, he has repeatedly called for the development of AI to be regulated and the technology to be used carefully.

But of all the various AI projects currently being worked on around the world, Musk Google's “DeepMind” project appears to be the most worrying. "Just the type of AI that Google builds is an AI that beats people in all games," Musk told the New York Times in an interview. "It's basically like the plot in the movie 'WarGames'."

In the 1983 film "WarGames", a young hacker, played by Matthew Broderick, connects to an AI-controlled government supercomputer that is used for war simulations. When the hacker tries to play a game called Global Thermonuclear War, the AI ​​convinces the government that a nuclear attack by the Soviet Union is imminent.

In the end, the computer runs enough simulations to find that in all the end results of a nuclear war, there can be no winners. The only way to win is not to play at all, he finally explains. The film is a direct reflection of the time when the fear of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union and of increasingly intelligent technology was still growing in the USA.

But Musk wasn't just talking about old movies when he compared “DeepMind” to the movie “WarGames”. He also warned that Artificial Intelligence could outperform human intelligence in the next five years - even if the effects cannot be seen immediately. “That doesn't mean that everything will go to hell in five years. It's that things are getting stranger and somehow more unstable, ”says Musk.

The Tesla boss was an early investor in DeepMind, which was reportedly sold to Google in 2014 for over $ 500 million. In a 2017 interview, Musk said that he invested the money back then to keep an eye on burgeoning AI developments, and not to make a profit.

"It gave me more insight into the speed at which everything was developing, and I think it was all happening at a pace that most people weren't even aware of," Musk said at the time. “Mainly because there are simply no robots to be seen in our everyday lives. Except maybe robot vacuum cleaners. But they won't conquer the world. "

Musk is certain: “People generally underestimate the capabilities of artificial intelligence. They think they are some kind of very smart people. ”That was Musk's statement in an interview with Alibaba boss Jack Ma last August at the AI ​​world conference in Shanghai. "But she will be much more than that. She will be smarter than the smartest person."

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