What is the simplest floor plan software

Drawing a floor plan: online tools in comparison

Before drawing the floor plan - what do you have to consider?

So before you can start drawing the floor plan, three things are particularly advisable:

1. Clarify framework conditions: First of all, all the facts about the house and property should be compiled: How high can or must be built, which roof is permitted, how large is the buildable area? All this information and sometimes more can be found in the development plan.

2. Plan the floor plan: Then it is important to discuss and plan all the needs and wishes of the future residents. And taking into account the decisive structural things: doors, windows, lighting concept, open or closed floor plan, short distances and cables and much more are part of it. In the guide of our construction expert, the architect John Kosmalla, you will find all the essentials summarized: "10 tips to plan the perfect floor plan".

3. Get inspiration: Before you start planning and drawing your own floor plan, the first and always sensible step is to look at high-resolution floor plans of other houses. There are several options for this: The easiest way to do this is via our clear floor plan page. Or with us on the house pages. There are exciting floor plans for most of our up to 2,000 houses. Alternatively or in addition, you can also request house building catalogs from the provider, free of charge and without obligation. In the catalogs there are often several different floor plan variants to be seen; a great source of inspiration. And don't forget: It is always worth looking at model houses - there you get a good impression of the actual dimensions that rooms (can) have.

Free house building catalogs

Off to your own four walls: Great catalogs with lots of inspirational material are the first step to your dream home! Request now and compare numerous providers at home.