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Time theft: these 9 things are wasting your time

Time is one finite resource and it will be stolen from you. All the time. Time theft can be subtle. It takes the form of:

  • polite and reasonable requests
  • Email CCs and FYIs
  • Obligations and requirements

This can affect your entire career extend. You will only recognize the time theft when you look back and realize that you have nothing significant to show for your work.

Pranks unimportant dates from your calendar. For this we give you 9 tips at hand. With these you can avoid unnecessary actions.

1. Other people's priorities

Your inbox represents the Other people's priorities and shouldn't be like one To do list be treated. It's the same with calls and your WhatsApp messages.

When you spend all day on Screams of attention to react from others, you will in none Flow state come. However, in this state you can work on things that are really important.

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Place your own rules on. Allow time for interruptions or inquiries and stick to them. For example, you can have a memory speak on your voicemail or set up an email autoresponder.

2. Individual choices

Do you meet more often in your company similar decisions? Some decisions are made over and over again. Take an extra step to make room in the long run.

Create processes.

For example, create a flow chart for your decisions - according to the motto: "If this, then that".

Eliminate the need for Individual consideration. Teach your team to check problems with their own eyes and work on them yourself.

Every time you answer a new question, put it in FAQ document one that is accessible to everyone. Anytime you are asked an old question, you can refer to the FAQ document.

This process can also take place without your being involved. Hence that means Freedom and opportunities for everyone involved.

3. Obligations

Every time you go shopping or commit to something, ask yourself how this will affect yours in the future time will affect.

Do you want to buy a dog? Out financial point of view you should not only look at the initial cost, but also the feed and the inevitable veterinary bills. It also takes time to train and take him for walks. You should also consider the opportunity cost; after all, without a dog you would have more money and time to do other things. For example, a dog would limit your freedom when you are making plans or want to travel. Consider all of these points before making a commitment. So you won't regret anything later.

Go through this one process before you make commitments. Which Consequences has your decision? Remember that Efforts and opportunity costsA commitment will cost you.

4. Non-delegated tasks

Managers lead their employees through a learning curve until they are confident and successful with them responsibility to be able to deal with. In the early stages of the learning curve, it's easy to compare the class time required to the much shorter time you could do it yourself.

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This short term thinking overshadows the big picture. The goal is to teach and then trust that person to deliver. The goal is not to hedge yourself and in the end that double workload to have.

Invest your energy in training and coaching.

Make yourself yours expectations deliberately. Doing other people's tasks is the wrong approach. Because it means that you don't focus on the things that only you can do.

5. Explain things twice

Do you have to explain things over and over again? Start your answer with: "How you were informed ..." and then repeat yourself. So your answer doesn't come across as impolite, but it does contain a clear message: "Listen the first time."

Write down notes so you don't forget anything.

Waiters who don't write down customer orders inevitably do error. If you don't listen carefully and don't write down instructions, you are missing out on details that could have been nailed down the first time. Train others in this method and follow it yourself.

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6. Social media

There are many factors which companies money costs:

  • Sick days
  • Snow days
  • Spam emails

Presumably outperforms ours Media consumption each of these points. Use social media platforms Applicationswhich resemble slot machines. These keep people on the platform longer without them noticing. Remember, this consumption will ruin your success.

7. Television

Before the TV sitting and mindlessly watching whatever is going on is stealing your time. Of course nothing speaks against it Series to look to switch off. However, you should watch Game of Thrones after you've been active, not before.

Resist the urge to see what everyone else is looking. It doesn't matter if you are with some Conversation can't have your say - you can talk about something else. It doesn't matter if you hear spoilers either, because you'll forget about them in no time.

Spoiler alert: Nobody has ever done anything important while watching TV.

Plan your week ahead so that you are in control of your consumption.

If you are genuinely interested in a particular topic, do some research before doing it Netflix turned it into a questionable documentary. Find trusted sources for relevant information.

8. Gossip and gossip

About the Life and action talking to other people is a massive waste of time. If your conversation is all about mutual friends, celebrities, or casual acquaintances, replace this Plans, ideas and high-energy topics of conversation. However, meaningful conversations enrich your life instead of exhausting you and being Gossip or drama queen to represent.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Great minds discuss visions;
Ordinary spirits discuss events; Small minds discuss people. "

9. Do nonessential things

Look at yours Appointments and tasks as "essential" and "not essential" when writing a to-do list or planning your day. A division into “big things” and “small things” is also possible. The specific names do not matter. However, it should be a Categorization option give.

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Which dates change your company and which are unimportant? Some tasks do not have to be done or can be done by someone else.

The goal is not to be busy - the goal is to be effective.

Get the insignificant out of the way and make better use of the time you have now.

Create yours Master plan and keep yours vision firmly in mind. You can hold onto it more easily if you watch your time. You want at the end of the year significant changes show? Find out what is stealing your time and prevent this from happening.

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