Does an internship after college make sense?

Gap year after graduation

Choosing the right course or training path is not easy for many high school graduates. Perhaps you are also thinking in which direction it should go and you are not sure what your next steps are? Would you like to use the next few months sensibly and discover the world at the same time? A gap year program enables you to get to know foreign cultures after school, to develop your skills and to become clear about your further goals. You can gain valuable practical experience and add a highlight to your future application.

What is a gap year anyway?

The so-called gap year is a popular opportunity to take a break after graduating from high school to try new things, to travel the world and to learn or perfect languages. A gap year does not have to be a full year, many of our programs are available for eight weeks or more and you can make good use of your time between school and training or studies.

The advantages of a gap year are obvious. You have the chance to gain international experience and get to know the international world of work or university life. Whether you decide to work & travel in crazy outdoor New Zealand, do an internship in cosmopolitan Vancouver or prefer to be at home on the beaches of Sydney, we have the right gap year program for you.

Benefits of a gap year after school:

  • Gather practical experience in the form of internships abroad or work & travel

  • Test your career aspirations through international work experience

  • Trial studies at international colleges and universities

  • Time between high school graduation and the start of studies or training is sensibly used

  • Perfect language skills

  • Personal and professional development and training

  • Many international contacts and friendships for life

  • Improved chances on the job market

  • Combination of different programs and countries possible

  • Discover new cultures and travel the world

Who is a gap year for?

Many programs are possible from 17 and have an age limit of 30 years. Thus high school graduates, students, trainees and graduates have the chance to build a gap year into their career planning. You can make perfect use of the waiting times between school and apprenticeship / studies or bachelor and master studies. Depending on which program you choose, you should plan between two and twelve months and are therefore completely flexible.

Gap year options - au pair, work & travel or student exchange?

You are free to decide which program is right for your gap year. We help you to realize your dream of the big wide world and offer you different programs for your time out, depending on your individual focus.

Your focus: school and studies

Did you miss your chance to take part in a student exchange during school hours and would like to catch up on this experience after graduating from high school? In many student exchange countries you have the opportunity to take part in an exchange even after graduating from high school. Live with a host family, go to a local high school, and attend a typical graduation ceremony - it's not too late for this once in a lifetime experience.

You have your high school diploma, but are only 17? No problem! If you choose our college program, you can study for 3-9 months in the USA, Canada or New Zealand and test your dream course abroad.

Would you like to complete your entire degree in the USA or are you worried about the high tuition fees at American colleges? Then our USA Scholarship Program is just right for you. By awarding the scholarships, the costs are comparable to studying in Germany, while you receive an international education at your American university.

Your focus: cultural exchange and travel

Do you need a break from learning and want to immerse yourself in the culture of your host country? Then our work and travel programs are ideal for you. We offer you various options on how you can ideally combine travel and work and thus finance your stay abroad independently. You can't experience your host country more intensely!

If you enjoy working with children, the au pair program offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the everyday life of your host family in Australia or the USA and experience typical holidays and cultural peculiarities.

Perhaps you would like to do something completely different and experience the life of a sheep or horse farmer in New Zealand? With our Farmstay program in New Zealand and Canada you will experience the culture and nature of these breathtaking countries up close.

Would you like to be completely flexible and work out your dream abroad? Then our Work & Travel option in New Zealand is just right for you.

Your focus: practical experience

Would you like to use your gap year to decide on a course or training path? With an internship abroad you can gain initial work experience and at the same time find out whether the area is right for you. Whether marketing, finance or IT, we help you find your way and start your career. You can do an internship in three of the most beautiful countries in the world, what are you waiting for?

If you are considering starting an apprenticeship in the catering or hotel sector, we recommend our Work & Travel New Zealand program to gain your first experience in international hostels and to train yourself further in this field.