How can acupuncture help with sciatica

Treatment of sciatica (hip pain) with TCM & acupuncture in Zurich

Causes of Sciatica

“Sciatica” means sudden shooting pain (lumbago) which can radiate into the lumbar region over the buttocks and down into the legs. The causes for this are manifold. The sciatic nerve becomes irritated or squeezed by a change in the lumbar spine. This leads to so-called root irritation symptoms.

Sometimes the sciatica develops slowly over weeks and then gradually becomes more and more painful. If left untreated, this pain will escalate at some point. The pain picture hardly allows any movement. Turning, bending over, or other movements have become impossible. Sometimes there are even symptoms of paralysis, which require further medical clarification.

This phenomenon is often caused by a herniated disc or a protruding disc, both of which should be clarified radiologically.
Most often the lumbar spine is affected. As a reaction to the pain, the entire back muscles tense up, which leads to incorrect posture and incorrect strain and so often again strains the affected spinal column section - the pain increases - a vicious circle is created!


TCM treatment for sciatica

In terms of treatment, acupuncture is the most effective method for both pain relief and chronic pain. Through the TCM treatment, the blockage in various energy channels is released and healthy-flowing Qi energy is promoted. This improves the energy supply to the tendons and intervertebral discs. A TuiNa massage or cupping is often performed during the treatment. This releases tension and the blockage of energy and blood disappears. In the case of acute pain, many patients experience significant pain relief after about 5 treatments. For chronic pain, most patients will see long-term improvement after around 10 treatments.