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New phone number: How do I take old WhatsApp chats with me?

Transfer WhatsApp chats to a new number - this is how it works

If you continue to use the same smartphone and only changed the phone number, all WhatsApp chats will remain in the app as usual. Thanks to the function"Change number"you can connect a new phone number to your WhatsApp account - without losing important data and information. To change your WhatsApp number, you should first delete your old account. As a result, your contacts can no longer find the old number in their WhatsApp contact list. So that this works without any obstacles, you should first check whether you have really saved all the contacts in your address book. As soon as the new phone number is ready for use and fully functional, you can start. The process may vary slightly depending on whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone. In principle, however, the change in the number is almost identical for both types of smartphone. First you should insert the new SIM card into your mobile phone and open WhatsApp as usual. Then go through the settings"Account"and subsequently"Change number". In the upper field you have the option of entering the old telephone number, while the new mobile phone number must be entered in the lower field. Then press the button"Finished". If the transfer worked, WhatsApp will immediately verify. If this is successful, all saved contacts and chats will still be displayed. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to create a backup for all chat processes in advance. With this you can easily restore all histories and group chats - see here.

Transfer WhatsApp to a new cell phone with a new number

When you not only have a new number but also use a new cell phone, things get more complicated. Even if all chat histories are retained when the number is changed, this is only due to the fact that the same smartphone is still being used. If you switch to a completely new model, the original chat histories are the samedisappeared. To work around the problem, the first thing you should do is to use the new number on the old device. NormallyrecognizesWhatsApp then stores your history on the new smartphone and restores it. In some cases it isnot guaranteed: For example, if you have stored the new mobile number with WhatsApph, but the old SIM card is no longer available. Therefore, the change of the mobile phone number should always be carried out with the SIM card that is linked to the old number. Here, too, it is advisable to do an extensive one before switchingBackup Create your chat history and save it to iCloud or Google Drive, depending on your device.