How can you make business blogs interesting?

Why a corporate blog is important for your company

A corporate blog is still very important in corporate communication. But the success of a corporate blog often falls far short of expectations and there are many reasons.

This blog post is a contribution to the blog parade #liveloveblog by Meike Leopold, which deals with the question of whether corporate blogs are still up to date.

In the age of the social web, blogs are repeatedly declared dead. Corporate blogs in particular can provide an important link between the company website and social media communication. As a content hub and editorial center, they are an important part of corporate communication.

A corporate blog can fulfill many business goals. A successful corporate blog can increase the reach and visibility of a company in search engines and strengthen its reputation.

Corporate blogs can also take many different forms. Some companies use it as a newsroom and thus as the modern form of the press center. Other companies establish it as a publication channel for specialist articles, interviews or instructions on all aspects of products and services. The corporate blog can be a service point and help center or an independent online magazine, more or less as a digital corporate publishing channel.

As the most important function, the corporate blog should serve as a content center and content marketing channel for internal and external communication.

Why are blogs important to a company?

A corporate blog can help you establish your company as an industry thought leader, and the blog can play an important role in lead generation, conversion, and customer loyalty.

With the help of a well-organized blog, you can:

  • Position your company as an expert,
  • Increase your reputation with customers and cooperation partners,
  • create an important resource for customer loyalty and customer dialogue,
  • support lead generation and customer acquisition,
  • make a significant contribution to SEO and website traffic.

Here are some statistics that illustrate the importance of blogs to businesses:

  • 81% of companies said their corporate blog is essential to their business.
  • 71% of business bloggers report that they have increased their company's visibility in their industry.
  • 69% of companies attribute their lead generation success to blogging.
  • Companies with corporate blogs get an average of 55% more website visitors, 97% more inbound links, and 434% more pages indexed.
  • 56% of business bloggers say that the corporate blog makes an important contribution to establishing their company as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Blogging companies generate 55% more visitors to their website than companies without a corporate blog.

Why corporate blogs fail

In social media communication, the feedback channel in particular determines the success and failure of corporate communication. But many corporate blogs struggle with a low interaction rate. 64% of corporate blogs get no comments at all. Only 5% of corporate blogs have three or more comments per article. One reason for the lack of interactions is often the lack of relevance of the content. There is also a lack of consistency in the content, sufficient focus on topics and target groups and inadequate networking of the content with other channels and communication campaigns.

The content marketing dilemma

The biggest dilemma in corporate communications, however, is still the discrepancy between the content communicated and the expectations that customers have of the content of a blog. While 75% of business decision-makers are looking for substantial ideas and inspiration, 93% of marketers are still communicating product and service-related content.

One reason for this may result from the fact that many companies obtain their content primarily from their own company.

What content are the customers interested in?

Business decision-makers are particularly interested in tips, instructions and industry trends.

  • Tips and advice (90%)
  • Checklists or instructions (88%) as well
  • Industry information and trends (81%).

All companies have a lot of industry expertise and know-how that can be used directly for the content strategy on the corporate blog and throughout the company. Often, however, this wealth of knowledge is hidden in individual documents, press releases, newsletters, databases or even just in the minds of employees. Corporate blogs are an excellent tool for providing such useful information for the multi-layered decision-making processes in the buying process to support lead generation, customer loyalty or even up-selling and cross-selling.

Above all, successful "blog content" consists of:

  • Answers to important questions (for example from support and sales)
  • Solution approaches for common problems and challenges in the industry
  • Insider knowledge and testimonials from other customers

The blog offers an interactive and multimedia content marketing instrument for the publication of current information and news, but also for the provision of whitepapers, checklists, videos, images and infographics.

More information and tips on Content strategy:

Regularity counts

Many corporate blogs suffer from the lack of topicality and low frequency of posts. However, the regular publication of current articles is the basis for reader loyalty and a sustainable increase in blog traffic.

The answer to the question "How many blog entries should I post?" Is most likely "More than you are doing now," according to Dan Zarrella in The Science of Marketing.

Here are some numbers:

  • 52 or more blog posts increase blog traffic by up to 77%. Source: TrafficGenerationCafe
  • Companies that blog more than 4 times a week generate more traffic and leads. Source: PWB Marketing Communications
  • Companies that blog more than 16 posts per month receive over 3.5 times more traffic and 4.5 times more leads than companies that blog less than 4 posts per month. Source: HubSpot
  • 89% of companies that update their blogs multiple times a day get more customers through their blog. Source: WordPress

The corporate blog as a central content resource

In content marketing, the focus is not on the channel, but on the content.

In this context, the blog is “just” one channel among many. But a corporate blog can do more. With social media functions such as comments and interaction buttons, the blog is not just an outlet channel. It also serves as an important feedback and dialogue channel for customers and interested parties. This feedback and dialogue channel is an important basis for regularly reviewing and adapting the content strategy.

This means that the corporate blog should be the central editorial interface, resource source and seeding center for the content marketing, PR and social media strategy. All content marketing activities run centrally to and from the blog.

If you provide information on the corporate blog for the different phases of the purchase decision process, you can establish the blog as a valuable resource for customers and prospects. The blog can also be a source of information for internal communication and production departments in sales, support and product development.

Seeding, recycling and cross-promotion for corporate blogs

A successful corporate blog rarely stands alone. It is not enough to just publish the valuable content on the corporate blog. Only a fraction of the potential customers find their way there directly. It is much more important to publish, network and promote the blog and the content of the corporate blog across various other media and media formats.

In this way, the content can also be used multiple times (content recycling) and distributed further.

The social media networks are certainly the most important sources for seeding in order to present content to the largest possible readership and a good way to generate more reach for the blog.

With the help of social media tools and plugins, the corporate blog can be integrated into social media marketing. Social media buttons for following, liking, sharing and commenting create a direct connection between the blog and its own social media channels and the channels of the followers. The tools also help to gain new followers and generate more discussions and comments.

With a widespread distribution (seeding) of the articles and media via many different social media channels, the visibility and reach can be increased and the life of the content extended. However, targeted cross-social media marketing of the posts is important in order to take the peculiarities of the individual networks and communities into account.

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