What does advertising medium

Advertising medium

When placing advertising campaigns, marketing experts differentiate between advertising media and advertising media. The advertising medium means the medium, i.e. the medium on which the advertising can be placed. With a classic advertisement in print media, the advertisement is the advertising medium and the daily newspaper is the carrier.

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Benefits and examples for advertising media

Advertising media can be found wherever there is enough space for advertising content. The floor of the pedestrian zone can become a carrier for a viral campaign. The gang in the football stadium conveys the game through the advertising message. The internet offers practically unlimited advertising space. Classic advertising media include:

  • TV and radio: Advertising is placed here as spots or integrated into the format.
  • Magazines and newspapers: Whether it's a hobby magazine or a daily newspaper, almost all regular print products are financed through advertising.
  • Direct mail and mailings: Product samples, flyers, postcards or catalogs. Advertising is still often sent by post.
  • Billboards and displays: Classic advertising can also be found in large format on banners and digital displays.

Modern advertising media include:

  • The public space: Viral and guerrilla campaigns rely on a particularly high level of publicity without a planned area. This also turns the pedestrian zone into advertising space.
  • Internet and apps: Mobile or on websites, advertising can be tailored precisely to the target group anywhere.
  • Virtual and augmented: Augmented marketing and pushes through the detection of online activity on the smartphone are a relatively new technology for sending out advertising even more precisely.

Choice of advertising media

The choice of advertising medium is based on the target group analysis and the advertising message to be conveyed. A company that advertises with clever security software would do well not to notify customers of this by posting a letter to their home address. Poster advertising rarely works for the new little café around the corner and anyone who wants to reach seniors with dementia on Facebook will find relatives at most. The right advertising medium has a decisive influence on the success of the marketing measure within the strategy.

Advertising media or media?

The definition of whether something is an advertising medium or a carrier is not always easy. In principle, this question can best be decided by looking at the lowest position:

Message of the ad -> ad -> placement on google -> search engines -> internet

Depending on the definition, the search engine or the Internet are the carriers, all other levels are means of transmission.

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