How good is an internship at Siemens


Horror internship in mechanical engineering at Siemens

Ex-internWorked at Siemens AG / PG in Mühlheim a.d.Ruhr until 2014.

I think it's good about the employer

Above all, the image and the pay attract many mechanical engineering interns to Siemens. And last but not least, the prospect that an internship at Siemens is of course not exactly disadvantageous for a later application in the same company or an industrial company of a similar size.

I think it's bad about the employer

Siemens is certainly not the same as Siemens, but I do not wish my experiences at the Mühlheim site to any other mechanical engineering intern. You can give yourself this internship even if it is well paid. You really don't see anything from the real production and are fobbed off for weeks with the simplest activities at the (main) school internship level.
Especially if you are already studying: zero learning success, no gain in knowledge.

Suggestions for improvement

1. Sensible design of a university internship:
It's not about turning students into perfect pavers. If you want to be able to file / drill / ... perfectly, you either lock yourself in at home for a few weeks with a few steel scraps in the basement or do an apprenticeship as a mechanic.
Students should (incidentally, this is also what most internship regulations provide) get a comprehensive and varied insight into the manufacturing processes in order to experience how theoretical planning becomes reality.
This includes, above all, the observation of the real production and not weeks of filing and drilling parts for the scrap in a training center.
Why do you have to burn university interns for weeks with such stupid "work therapies" so that some future mechanical engineering students develop an aversion to the subject?
2. Preparation of a "training plan" as usual in other companies:
University interns usually do their internship according to a corresponding internship regulation, which provides for certain modules. Instead of proceeding according to "scheme F" with every intern, one should discuss in advance what will be done and how in which week. Otherwise it is no wonder if at the end of the day modules are suddenly missing and cannot be recognized.
3. Number of supervisors:
Either hire fewer interns or more supervisors.
4. Training of supervisors:
Dignified interaction and communication with people.

Working atmosphere

Overstrained and too few supervisors to take care of their trainees and a horde of interns. The mood is accordingly: Tense.


It ranges from unfriendly to unbelievable: in front of the assembled team, interns are knocked out and discriminated against because of trivialities.
There is a way of dealing with people here that I would not have expected in the last backyard workshop.

Work-life balance

Working time = time to sit down. People who have finished cleaning up have to wait until the very last second to leave on time. It looks the same if you have completed your "daily task" too early. Flexible response? New tasks? Nothing!
One waits for the hours and minutes to pass.

Managerial behavior

Usually not to speak of, a sensible internship plan was missing for the entire duration. The on-site procedure seems to be relatively irrelevant, binding internship regulations of the universities are lost somewhere in the system.
The prevailing opinion: Siemens already knows what "it" is doing ...

Interesting tasks

Biggest point of criticism: Absolute waste of university interns. Here the goal of the mechanical engineering internship is clearly missed: Instead of giving an insight into as many production-related manufacturing methods as possible, budding engineers are occupied for weeks with the most stupid content that would be pure under-demand even for a student intern.
You don't even get an insight into the production (everything is top secret), instead you are allowed to produce scrap [sic!] For 6 weeks in the training center. And woe betide you are finished too early.

working conditions

The only outstanding criterion for the mechanical engineering internship at Siemens Mühlheim: The training center contains new and decent machines, buildings in a decent condition, lighting and ventilation compared to other companies really very good.

Salary / social benefits

Good pay for the fact that it is an internship and that the interns do nothing useful at all.


In addition to the payment, the image is the reason for many mechanical engineering interns to go to Siemens. Unfortunately, image and reality at the Mühlheim location are a big distance apart.