How do you repair a gutter downspout

Sealing the gutter: A simple means helps

The gutter is constantly exposed to various weather influences such as sun, wind, moisture and frosty temperatures, so it can happen that the gutter leaks and starts to drip. It is then all the more important to remedy yourself with simple means.

If the gutter is no longer airtight and the dripping dirt contaminates the facade of the house, then action should be taken quickly before major damage can occur to the facade.

Sealing gutters: But quickly!

No matter what material the gutter is made of, whether plastic or metal, the frost of winter makes the gutter difficult to cope with. If the frost has already caused damage, it is advisable to act quickly, because the rainwater escapes through the leaks and it is the small leaks that can cause major damage.

Big holes and small leaks

Which repair measures are taken depends on how far the damage has already progressed. Gutters that are getting on in years and have a large number of holes no longer need to be repaired, since in such a case it is no longer worth repairing. The situation is different with gutters with small leaks, they can be straightened very easily and without complications. This means that the complete roof drainage does not have to be redone, it is also cheaper with simple means. Various aids are available to repair the gutter and to skillfully seal holes and cracks. Plastic gutters are very easy to straighten, but metal gutters are no longer that easy and soldering is the only long-term solution.

Sealing the gutter - the following means are available

Variant 1: A simple remedy helps - the silicone helps

If small leaks can be seen in the gutter, a silicone syringe can be used. It is important to use a silicone that does not contain solvents. A silicone syringe is very helpful so that the material can be pressed out of the cartridge. Such a syringe is available in every hardware store and specialist market.

Thats how it works

The damaged area is cleaned and dried accordingly. The silicone syringe is only used when the area is completely dry. The silicone is applied to various holes and cracks. It must be ensured that the silicone compound is smoothed so that no small blockages can arise in the gutter.

If the silicone is applied to a wet area, it cannot adhere sufficiently.

Variant 2: A simple remedy helps - the sealant helps

A sealant has a viscous consistency. This viscous consistency helps repair cracks and holes, which are also slightly larger.

Anyone who works with a sealant should carry out the work when the weather conditions are good.

Thats how it works

The damaged area is cleaned and dried accordingly. The sealant is only used when the area is completely dry. The sealant is applied to various holes and cracks. Preferably with a spatula or a brush. It takes a few hours for the sealant to harden.

Variant 3: A simple remedy helps - the sealing tapes help

If the cracks and leaks are still small, silicone and sealant will help. If the damage to the gutter is greater, sealing tape must be used. These sealing tapes are made of aluminum and are encased in bitumen. They have an adhesive strip on one side so that the craftsman can easily attach them. Every specialist and hardware store has sealing tapes in stock.

Thats how it works

These sealing tapes can be used for both plastic and metal gutters. The damaged area is cleaned and dried accordingly. The sealing tape is only used when the area is completely dry, as this is the only way for the adhesive to adhere. The sealing tape is glued to various holes and cracks and this immediately seals optimally.

Variant 4: A no longer very simple means helps - soldering or welding

Gutters that are made of metal are usually soldered or welded. However, care must be taken with the soldering flame to prevent the roof structure from catching fire. But if you have mastered the handling of the soldering iron, you can be sure that the metal gutter has now gained in service life.


Gutters don't need to be replaced just because they have a small hole or crack. Simple means help to repair the gutter. These include the silicone syringe, the sealing compound and the sealing tapes. In addition, a soldering iron can be used for gutters made of metal.

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