Is a master’s degree overrated?

Computer science profession is overrated

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  1. Computer science profession is overrated

    Author: renegade334 17.11.16 - 15:18

    So I have a good master's degree in computer science. I'm not too far away from the Aler of 30 years and I've already been fired 3 times and now unemployed again. It usually took me six months to get back to work. It is extremely difficult for academics to start life. What should you do with unemployment benefits and often moving? Start a family? I think I am also risking a poor childless life. Because of 40,000 € If you ever want children, then today I think it's more right to do some, even if there is no work in prospect. Better like that than never.

    If you don't care about your life, I would simply skip the master’s degree. You don't learn anything essential there. For the rest, does too. If I had the choice to start everything from scratch, I would simply not have done the master’s course anymore, whereby I would have taken 20,000 € gross annually for two years so that one would keep one. The pressure of expectation on Master’s graduates just seems to be enormous. In any case, do not do this stupid study before you have already worked for 5 years to have proof that you are any good at all. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Money isn't the only thing that matters. So I've wasted important years of my life. Don't look at me so stupidly. I already know someone else personally. Despite studying, he works as a hairdresser. Where the companies gave me the opportunity to work, in contrast to my leisure projects, nothing. I find employers today somehow too narrow-minded and selfish. Maybe the job market is just so flooded with graduates. In my last semester, I had over 15 Masters fellow students.

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  2. Re: Computer science job is overrated

    Author: Arhey 17.11.16 - 19:23

    Computer science is one of the few professions where practical experience and logical thinking are actually more important than training.
    Sure you learn certain basics, but you can acquire them without studying.
    On the other hand, it is unfortunately difficult to get into leading positions without a degree.

    Getting started is not always easy, even with practical experience. Many have to fight their way up from telephone support or on-site technicians.
    With a degree you can go higher, but then you just lack experience.

    But once you've got started, things only go up. Stay tuned and you can do it :)
    The industry is currently changing and if you deal with the right topics (can also be private) you will not be able to save yourself from job offers in 1-2 years.

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