Is Adderall similar to cocaine

How Hollywood Stars Stay Slim and Long Shooting Times
W magazine showed in the latest issue. The
The new drug is called Adderall and is actually used as a medicine for people
thought with poor concentration. Actors are not the only ones to be more involved
of the drug, but also American students who study hard too
have to deal with.

Used to treat attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
Adderall in recent years the drug Ritalin, which is also the
Inhibits hunger and improves concentration, relieved. Because through Adderall
the concentration is increased up to nine hours. In the United States
8.7 million prescriptions have been prescribed so far. Also, Adderall is in the
Very easy to obtain compared to similar drugs, according to W.

"Taking Adderall can be both physical and psychological
Dependencies occur. In addition, the mechanism of the drug is not
explainable ", explains Sylvia Pikal, responsible for international inquiries
at the international pharmacy in Vienna.

An overdose of Adderall causes an increase
Heart rate, insomnia, high blood pressure, headache, diarrhea,
Sweating, dry mouth, confusion, hallucinations, panic, aggressiveness,
Tremors, dizziness and can even have allergic reactions as well as impotence
trigger, so Pikal.

Adderall contains dextroamphetamine, which is and is one of the stimulants
used to treat ADHD. It's an amphetamine that is similar to that
Drug Speed ‚Äč‚Äčimproves concentration. This is particularly popular
Drug, as it suppresses hunger and increases stamina,
but caused no after-effects on the following day, such as
Alcohol or other drugs.

The drug was first used as an appetite suppressant more than twenty years ago
Obetrol sold. It was only used against ADHD after a few tests. The
Fund was introduced in Canada in January 2004, where, according to the
Manufacturer has so far prescribed 11,000 patients.

The Canadian Medicines Agency "Health Canada" has
the approval for Adderall in Canada but already on February 9, 2005 except for
further withdrawn because around 20 deaths, 14 children and six adults,
occurred after taking the drug at normal dosages. The USA
are the only country where Adderall is legally available. More than 700,000
Patients in the US are said to still be taking the drug from Shire
take in. "Adderall is not approved in Germany and Austria," says

WANC 08/02/06 / pte