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UK / BG / DVR priority action road safety 2020

How do employees with e-scooters or car sharing and other contemporary vehicles and forms of mobility manage to have an accident-free journey on their commutes? Answers to this are provided by the new focus campaign “How do you arrive?” By the German Road Safety Council (DVR), the Accident Insurance Funds and Employer's Liability Insurance Association (UK | BG).

Using new forms of mobility safely for trips and official channels

The choice of means of transport is challenging in times of increasing traffic density and climate change. At the same time, e-scooters (electric scooters) and electric cars, car sharing, car pooling or the mix of public and private means of transport offer the opportunity to shape mobility according to your own wishes and needs.
(Source: DVR)

Materials for your company

An accompanying brochure with seminar programs has been developed for those interested in companies, teachers and driving schools. As a member company of the VBG, you can order the following brochures from us. Please enter the search term "How do you get there?" a.

How do you get there - seminar program guide
How do you get there - campaign brochure
How do you get there - leaflet with competition
How do you get there - action poster DIN A2


This year, too, the focus campaign will be accompanied by a competition. The closing date for entries is February 28, 2021. It's worth taking part!