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Catherine Tyldesley Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Who doesn't like looking gorgeous for their wedding? Obviously, we all want to look great for D-Day. And Catherine Tyldesley is not that different from us. The Coronation Street (1960-Present) Actress works hard to stayfit and look great for her wedding. She lost a significant amount of weight by exercising regularly and following a proper diet plan. Catherine gives in a little from time to time, but also makes amends the other day because she doesn't want to compromise on her health goals. Would you like to find out more about her fitness journey and what keeps her going? Continue reading.

Weight loss after giving birth to their child

The diva is in love with Tom Pitfield and gavebirth to son Alfie with him in March 2015. Since then, she has been working hard to lose weight. She had managed to quickly cut her body fat percentage from 22 percent to 13.7 percent (we think that's great). She feels stronger than ever in life and she proved it by pushing 30 stones a few days ago.

Dress size and current weight

The TV personality's dress size is 8-10 (US). When she weighed herself a few days ago, she was 9 to 10 pounds.

Exercise program

The beauty workout routine includes weight training and high intensity interval training that she does after the session is over, as reported by She works out at least twice a week no matter how busy she is. The ideal number of days of training is four, according to her, but she can't always make it because of her work.

Training motivation

The stunner's training motivation is, of course, her wedding. She wants to look great for the wedding. But it also has another motivating factor. She is scheduled to take part in a 50 km hike in the Brecon Beacons known as the TrekFest. She needs to get some practice for this event.

I like her legs

The English actress always had a problem with big legs, mostly because they wobbled. But now she likes them as they are well trained and muscular. (Catherine, we like her too !!)

Diet plan

The model likes to keep her eating plan simple. Look at it.


She starts her day with some omelette or salmon to boost her protein intake.


Beauty lunch consists of grilled chicken topped off with a little avocado and broccoli.


The celebrity dinner involves making Bolognese at home with a fresh tomato sauce, some lean ground beef, and zucchini (instead of pasta).

Nutritional advice for Catherine Tyldesley fans

The lilies (2007) actress advises her fans to adhere tonature when choosing food. She believes that anything that grows, runs away, or floats in the earth is pure because everything else could be tainted if people like to play around with food.

Diet indulgences

Catherine likes to stick to a healthy diet during the week as she can pamper herself a little on the weekends. She has a thing for dark chocolate and pizza. When she eats chocolate, she will stick to a dairy-free version or just eat dark chocolate. She doesn't try to eat the whole thing, just a few squares. When indulging in pizza, Catherine likes to use a gluten-free base and lactose-free cheese. (We suspect these measures will help her not feel too guilty about pampering.)

If you want to find out more about the gorgeous actress' current fitness journey, you can follow her on Twitter.

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