How can I go live on Twitter

Periscope is integrated with Twitter - live video

chrisign gmbhWeinfelden, 23.12.2016

The Periscope service started in March 2015 on Android and iOS devices and allows users to stream live via app.
You can now use Persicope directly from Twitter, as the service has now been fully integrated into the news platform. Everything you need to know about the change in live streaming is here.

Tweet videos live with the live button

So far, users wanted theirs Videos Share live via tweet with your followers, so you only had to detour via the app Periscope. Users could do that via this live-Easy to share streaming, but news service is nearing successful social mergers live-Streaming and network (like Snapchat) and allows live-Stream now using a new button.

To future Videos To stream directly from your smartphone, all you have to do is use the livePress the button. If you want to create a tweet, there is next to the fields for photo and Video now that too live-Function. After a click, the automatically starts as "Powered by Periscope"specified stream. This can also be commented with a comment of up to 140 characters.
The live-Stream is then located directly in the tweet, which all followers see without delay. You will also receive a via comments and the hearts live-Feedback, or can give this to relevant content.

Competition and legal barriers

The possibility to go live has been available on Facebook for several months. Now pulls too Twitter and saves you the detour via Periscope as a separate app.

With the simplification, the short message service is certainly also reacting to the growth that has been slowing down for months and the current business losses. After all, every moment on your own platform means that users are exposed to advertising on your own platform for a little longer.
However, it is live-Stream via Periscope legally not entirely undisputed. Unlike the subsequent upload of Videos it is copyright difficult to violate the liveVideos to proceed. After all, there are hardly any mechanisms to discover and block them during the stream.
The first attempts in this direction were made at the US Open 2015, where references were made to viewers who were with Periscope broadcast the games.
Nevertheless, in the area of Live videos extreme growth potential, because of the rapid rise of Snapchat, the integration of stories on Instagram and Facebook liveStreams show how important it is for young users in particular to interact directly with exclusive content.

One click live streaming - videos directly in the tweet

Be one of the active ones too Twitter-Users, then the new one should live-Feature you thoroughly like. That this can now be done without the app Periscope works, makes Live videos much more accessible and easier.

Do you have this live-Button not yet in your TwitterApp, just make sure you did the last update. In the current version of Twitter the service is available for both iOS and Android. Overall, the direct one live-Stream is a useful addition to the news platform and integrates perfectly into the fast and short-lived nature of the news service with 140 characters.