What are the best textbooks for learning Croatian language

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06.03.2014 11:49
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Hello everybody,

I've been a member of the forum for some time - but more passively than actively. Thank you for the great reports and discussions!

With the operator's permission (thanks again) I would like to briefly introduce a new publication that I have worked on as an author:

PONS verb tables Croatian
by Nataša Lukić and Sascha Kern
Format: 15 x 21 cm, 144 pages, paperback, ISBN: 978-3-12-561597-7

Brief description of the content:
In the Croatian verb tables, the conjugation of Croatian verbs is first explained in a compact grammar section. This is followed by 95 completely conjugated sample verbs, which serve as an example for the> 1000 verbs in the index. There are also some exercises and some pages on the most common prefixes and suffixes.

You can find more on the BOOK website: http://www.verbtabellen-kroatisch.de/
Here you will find: sample pages, a detailed presentation of the book, a contact form and a newsletter.

I myself find verb tables indispensable when learning a language. Changes in verbs are quite complex, especially in Spavic languages. My co-author and I hope that we can support many Croatian learners with the booklet.

I am looking forward to your feedback!


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06.03.2014 12:16
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Hello everybody,

I have dealt intensively with the Croatian language in recent years.

There are now some books for learning the Croatian language - I think, in different quality and with different target groups.

What do you think of starting a thread in which books and software related to learning Croatian are presented and discussed?

I am happy to start ...

(1) Textbooks:

Barešić, Jasna. DOBRO DOŠLI 1, udžbenik i rječnik za učenje hrvatskog jezika za strance. Školska Knjiga. Zagreb.
Barešić, Jasna. DOBRO DOŠLI 1, gramatika i rješenja zadataka za učenje hrvatskoga jezika. Školska Knjiga. Zagreb.
Barešić, Jasna. DOBRO DOŠLI 2, udžbenik za učenje hrvatskog jezika za strance. Školska Knjiga. Zagreb.
Barešić, Jasna. DOBRO DOŠLI 2, gramatika i rješenja zadataka za učenje hrvatskog jezika. Školska Knjiga. Zagreb.

I consider the books in the Dobro Došli series to be the most attractive textbooks on the market today. They are designed in several languages ​​(Croatian, German, English, Italian, French, Spanish) and are quite suitable for self-learners.

Alexander, Ronelle. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook: With Exercises and Basic Grammar. Univ of Wisconsin Pr.
Alexander, Ronelle. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Grammar: With Sociolinguistic Commentary, Univ of Wisconsin Pr.
Website for the book: bcsgrammarandtextbook.org

Probably the most complete, but also the most complex books outside of Croatia that I know about the Croatian language. They are quite suitable for self-learners - however, one should rather speak of studying the language here. Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian are shown in comparison. Very interesting books!

Kosovac, V. / Lukić V. Učimo hrvatski - We learn Croatian, text and exercise book vocabulary in English. and German translation

Used in many courses. The layout is not very modern. In terms of content, however, good.

(2) grammar books

Projic, Tina. A1-B1 - Croatian grammar: learner's guide. Cornelsen Verlag. Berlin.

The most modern (German-language) grammar book. Very nicely done.

Lukić, Nataša and Kern, Sascha. PONS verb tables Croatian. Pons GmbH. Stuttgart.
Website for the book: verbtabellen-kroatisch.de

Helpful addition when learning the language. Fully conjugated verbs, compact grammar of conjugations
(Please note that I am a co-author of the book - however, I generally consider verb tables to be so important that I do not see the list here as advertising)

(3) Vocabulary / reference works

Arthur, Christine. Visual dictionary: Croatian-German Over 12,000 words and phrases. Coventgarden. Munich.

Nice alternative. Over 12,000 words and phrases in pictures!

Sofic, Ljiljana. Vocabulary simply practical - Croatian: The most important words & phrases Hueber, Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Good book for learning vocabulary.
With MP3 files to download from the publisher's website: hueber.de/audioservice

Langenscheidt Universal Dictionary Croatian: Croatian-German / German-Croatian

Good price / performance ratio.

Jakic, Blanka and Hurm Antun. Hrvatsko-njemacki rjecnik. Croatian-German dictionary Skolska knjiga.
Jakic, Blanka and Hurm Antun. Njemacko-hrvatski rjecnik. German-Croatian dictionary Skolska knjiga.

Expensive. But the most complete dictionaries on the market.

(4) PhraseBook etc.

Jovanovic, Dragoslav. Travel know-how Gibberish Croatian - Word for word: gibberish phrasebook Volume 98. Travel know-how; Edition: 13th, 2012 edition

Great, unconventional introduction to Croatian!

List of books on the Croatian language from the Federal Ministry for Education and Women, Department for Migration and School (Austria):

Which books and software do you think are important and good?

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Hello everybody,

In the beautiful list, the excellent didactic text and exercise book "Nema problema" is missing.

Puno pozdrava

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17.03.2014 17:23
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Interesting stories in Croatian.

More suitable for people who are reasonably familiar with the Croatian language.


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