How do I set up a website cheaply

Create a website - with the STRATO website builder

  • Your own homepage in just a few steps
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Optional: Have a website created by our design service

This is how homepage creation works today

If you want to create a private or business homepage yourself, you no longer need any programming knowledge. With the STRATO website construction kit, you can easily set up your individual do-it-yourself website, e. B. as a restaurant owner, carpenter or photographer. After all, professional programmers have their price, and the regular maintenance of a website by professionals also has to be paid for. You can invest this money more sensibly in other areas of the company. Anyone can create a website with a website builder - in just a few steps: choose your desired name, secure your domain, choose a design, integrate content and put it online.

  • No programming knowledge necessary
  • For companies, associations and private individuals
  • A small shop can also be set up
  • Professionally designed templates for every industry
  • Responsive design for an optimal mobile presentation of the website
  • Exchange and change images and texts at any time
  • Additional functions through widgets

If you prefer to commission someone with the creation of your website, we have the solution for this option too: STRATO offers a design service that is inexpensive and caters to your needs. Agreements and implementation are quick, straightforward and direct. Find out more now!

Have a professional create your homepage

Functions of the website construction kit

The STRATO homepage construction kit works intuitively and is structured in an understandable manner. In this way, you can start creating your website yourself immediately after logging in, even if you do not yet have a specific idea of ​​how the homepage will look.

1. The homepage design

First of all, you decide on a design that suits you and your company. Numerous industry-specific design templates (so-called templates) are available and offer you a professional basis from which you can make your own adjustments on the way to your individual homepage. Each template already defines where individual elements of the page (such as the navigation) are located and how the header, content and footer area of ​​the page are divided. Take time to try out different templates to find the right homepage design, an appealing color and the right font for your website.

Depending on the industry, extras such as the option to reserve a table at restaurants, an event calendar for clubs or a presentation of the employees in a doctor's practice are also included on the website. However, it is always possible to integrate a wide variety of content elements at a later date - regardless of the design selected.

When choosing a design, you should also keep the various devices in mind that visitors view your website on. Responsive designs enable the representation of the Automatically adapts content to the size of the respective screen or display. If you decide on one of the design templates that are not optimized for mobile devices, you still have the option of adapting your own website for smartphones, tablets and the like with the STRATO website builder. To do this, create the mobile versions of some or all of the pages in your web space.

2. Individual adjustments thanks to intuitive operation

As soon as the design is in place, all of the content on your website can be further adjusted in edit mode. You can simply drag and drop all content elements to the desired location. Items that you need on another page can be conveniently placed on the clipboard. Insert texts that you have written in advance or write them directly in the editor. The formatting of the text elements works in the same way as with your writing program. Images that you want to publish on your website can be formatted with just a few clicks so that they fit perfectly into the design of your website. You can create additional sub-pages with just a few clicks of the menu in the "Website structure" area - without any HTML.

Generally you can choose between a Standard editing mode and one Expert mode choose: In standard mode you have the least amount of work, e.g. B. in terms of colors and fonts. In expert mode, you can put together your own combinations in both areas. Whichever way you choose: The practical preview function allows unlimited testing. The changes are only actually visible online when you click the “Publish” button.

3. Additional functions through widgets

Widgets are small functional extensions with which you can spice up the basic configuration of your homepage in no time at all. You can also place them using the uncomplicated drag & drop method. There are a number of widgets that you can use to expand your homepage:

  • Perfectly networked with social media widgets: With the social media widgets, an interface to social networks such as Facebook or Twitter can be integrated directly into your website. Visitors to your homepage can quickly share content with their friends.
  • Insert pictures and videos with a click of the mouse: You can easily upload pictures or picture galleries and slide shows with the STRATO homepage software with a click of the mouse. The integration of videos - for example from the streaming portal YouTube - is child's play with the appropriate widgets.
  • Table reservation with Open Table: Do you have a restaurant and want to enable your customers to book a table online through your website? This is no problem with the STRATO homepage tools. Integrate the "OpenTable" widget and look forward to numerous online reservations and new regular guests.
  • Fast, uncomplicated customer inquiries: Do you want your website to have excellent customer service? Then use the contact form widget of the STRATO homepage software and enable interested parties to contact you quickly and easily.
  • Make money with an online shop: You can even set up a small online shop with the shop widget. This is particularly suitable for projects of manageable size and enables you to sell your products easily.
  • Integrate Google Maps: Would you like to show the route to your restaurant, your company headquarters, your wedding location on your homepage? With just a few clicks and very intuitively, you have integrated the corresponding widget.

The most important elements in building a homepage

A visually appealing and well-structured business homepage helps users find their way around without any problems and keep your website in good memory. When building a business website, always keep the visitor's perspective in mind: How do I create a website to make what impression? What does the website visitor feel? What decision does he make afterwards? Unstructured homepages quickly scare off interested parties and potential customers, because the attention span on the Internet is rather short. To avoid this, you should attach importance to clarity when setting up a homepage and always keep an eye on the central theme. Last but not least, there are also some legal pitfalls to be avoided.

  • Home page: The start page of a business homepage must not only appeal to the visitor visually, but also make it clear at first glance what the offer is about. Long texts on the start page are rather inconvenient. Instead, limit yourself to the most important things and work out your business focuses in a nutshell. If you have aroused the visitor's interest, you can provide him with extensive information on the sub-pages.
  • Navigation menus: Your visitors can use the navigation to access the various sub-pages of your homepage. The main navigation with the links to the most important pages is usually located horizontally at the top or vertically on the left of the homepage. Keep the names in the main navigation as short and concise as possible (examples: "Our offer", "Our services", "About us", "Our philosophy", "References", "Portfolio", "FAQ" etc.).
  • imprint: Operators of a homepage are subject to the imprint obligation according to §5 Telemediengesetz if they belong to the business-like service providers. As a provider, you are on the safe side if you place an imprint in case of doubt. The imprint must be easy to find on the website. Usually the link is in the main navigation or in the footer of the website.

tip: Take a look at around ten competitor web projects. Which aspects of the content listed there should also be mentioned on your side? It is best to avoid mistakes made by competing providers in the first place. Are outdated technical standards perhaps still being dealt with there? Are products described insufficiently or incorrectly? Is the website confusing or confusing? Be critical and always take the customer's perspective.

Simple and flexible adjustments

Even when your homepage is ready and online, changes will always be necessary. You can make such adjustments yourself at any time. The practical thing about the STRATO homepage construction kit is that you can do everything via the browser - you don't need an additional program on any stationary device. Whether from home, from work or from vacation: everyone Changes can be on the go and independent of time from anywhere in the world make. The only requirements are an internet connection and a browser. If you create your website yourself, you save yourself a lot of money for external web designers and you can update your homepage quickly and flexibly yourself.

Search engine optimization: more reach for your business

Search engine optimization, SEO for short (for Search Engine Optimization), helps you to get as high up as possible in the search engine results on Google & Co. It is especially important for business websites It is important that these are easy to find on the Internet. The STRATO website construction kit is therefore also available in a tariff bundle with the rankingCoach. This puts together tasks that are individually tailored to your homepage, which after completion ensure that you are found easily for the most important search words (keywords) in your subject area, for example. The rankingCoach offers many instruction videos that explain exactly how you can best approach the individual tasks.

Another topic is entries in suitable local and / or national online portals, which increase the level of awareness of your homepage. This function is taken over by the listingCoach, which you can optionally book.

All the features of the website construction kit

If you create your website yourself with the website builder from STRATO, you have booked a few more features in your tariff package:

  • You have your own internet address: choose yours Desired name in connection with one of the endings .de, .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz or (included). If you already have a domain that you want to continue to use, you can redirect it to the website builder or move it.
  • Put in addition Subdomains at. This is particularly interesting if you want to separate your content on the homepage (e.g.
  • TÜV certification according to ISO 27001 - with STRATO your data is as safe as in a bank. We have this confirmed every year by the TÜV.
  • Support by phone, email, Twitter or from the FAQ center. You ask us - we are happy to help!

Of course, your STRATO website construction kit also includes Email mailboxeswhich you can also manage online via STRATO Webmail (formerly Communicator). The system is based on the collaboration software Open-Xchange. Accordingly, not only mailboxes and e-mails can be managed here, but also appointments, contacts and much more.The highlight of the STRATO e-mail mailboxes: You can determine yourself which mailbox should have how much storage space. You can squeeze storage space from mailboxes that are used less frequently for those that are used every day. In any case, worry ServerSide Antivirus and ServerSide Antispam directly on the mail server to ensure that neither malware such as viruses and Trojans nor spam mails get into your inbox at all.

Get started now in three easy steps:

  1. Select design: Mobile responsive templates make your work easier
  2. Create a website: Simply add text and images using drag & drop
  3. Publish your website: once you're satisfied, get your page live with one click

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