What was McDonald's first mascot

Happy has a large, dark throat and wide, sparkling teeth. It is unclear whether he opens his throat so wide to laugh or whether he bares his teeth and devours his counterpart right away. A speech bubble would suit the comic figure and create clarity, for example with the words: "So that I can eat you better!" Happy puts his spindly, jointless arms on his side, his body is a bright red box, he raises his eyebrows skeptically and has crazy shiny crocodile eyes - including crocodile eyelids. In short, Happy is pretty scary.

Happy is the newest McDonald's mascot. The figure becomes the brand ambassador of the high-calorie children's menu Happy Meal, which usually consists of a hamburger, french fries, a sweet drink and toys. "Happy brings fun and excitement to children's meals while serving as an ambassador for a balanced and healthy diet," McDonald's wrote in the press release.

At the same time, the company is introducing a low-fat but sweetened strawberry yoghurt as a French fries substitute for the happy meal. Sugar drinks have already been replaced by milk or apple juice and French fries by slices of fruit. Health ambassador Happy and the yogurt are another step by McDonald's in the fight against the bad image of the fast food company, which is partly to blame for fat children and the obesity of America.

However, Happy does not go down well on the Internet, especially on Twitter: "Keep your children safe," wrote @LVIMA. "Jesus Christ, I'm going to have nightmares about the new McDonald's mascot," tweeted @JoshHelfferich. "What does he want from me" @JasonPStarling asked. "God in heaven make it stop," @realdaveimboden wrote.

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Happy was one of the favorite topics on the short message service. The Buzzfeed website made one of its famous lists of other snarling monsters that are nowhere near as scary as Happy. And the Bloomberg news agency, always striving to be serious, ran the headline: "McDonald's happy meal figure scares the users of social media".

The Internet community finds Happy so terrible that many suspect a conspiracy: McDonald's introduced the Happy monster on purpose so that it could spread on social media - after all, all advertising is good advertising. The fact that McDonald's is trusted to perform such a desperate act is due to the difficult situation of the burger fryers, especially in America. In the first quarter, McDonald's profits shrank, and interest in unhealthy food is falling, especially in the home market.

Burger King is following suit

Burger King is therefore also working on a marketing offensive. The McDonald's rival announced that it would change the 40-year-old slogan from "Have It Your Way" to the grammatically questionable "Be Your Way", from "Do it as you like" to "Be how you want to be". For that, too, there was mainly malice on the Internet. And one day after the publication of the bad financial figures, McDonald's company clown Ronald McDonald got a makeover: Instead of a red and yellow overalls, he is now wearing yellow high-water pants and a red ringmaster's jacket. That didn't go down very well either.

The new mascot Happy is introducing McDonald's in America this Friday. It had its first appearance a while ago in France, and it already exists in several other European and Latin American countries. Damage to the child's soul has not yet been reported.