How can I make my shoes longer?

5 tricks to keep shoes looking good longer

If the scratches are only superficial, it is usually sufficient to polish the shoes with a gloss brush (for example available from Amazon, approx. 8 euros). However, if the material has been damaged and paint has been scraped off, you will have to resort to other means. Take shoe wax in a matching color and rub it (preferably wearing rubber gloves) on the affected area. Leave on for half an hour and remove excess wax with a soft cloth. Repolish, repeat process if necessary.

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Deeper scratches where the leather becomes visible can be processed with liquid leather in a matching color, which is also used on furniture. A special repair kit (for example, available from Amazon, around 20 euros) will help you remove small cracks and scratches - but test the agent beforehand on an inconspicuous area and first clean the shoes thoroughly (with a brush). Then you should smooth the abrasions with the help of fine sandpaper. Apply a small portion of the liquid leather with a spatula and let it harden for one to two hours. Warning: once the product has dried, it can no longer be shaped. Therefore, do not take too much of it, but repeat the process again with a small amount if necessary.

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