What does a blogger need to make 100

How and when you can earn your first dollar blogging

This feeling …

You sit in your favorite café, drink a latte machiatto with caramel and look at the people who stroll past you.

The sun is shining. A wonderful day.

Suddenly your cell phone vibrates. You've got a new message:

Hans Müller bought your product. Your new account balance: 5 euros.

You just made money while drinking coffee. You just made money without actively working for it. You just made money on the internet.

This feeling of earning your first euro on the Internet never lets you go.

Almost every blogger and entrepreneur repeatedly refers to this life-changing experience: “When I earned my first euro on the Internet, I couldn't stop. This feeling was indescribable. "

And yes, it's true: if you've been paid by the hour for years, that feeling is life changing. You make money without having the feeling of work.

I still remember my first time in 2013. The email in my inbox that said I had just earned 5 euros.

It was like Christmas, a birthday and a high school graduation ball all at once.

The Truth About Making Money Blogging

I suppose: you want that feeling too. You want to make money blogging.

I have good news and bad news for you.

The good: If you read the monkey blog, you are on the right way to make money blogging.

The bad: it takes time.

I want to be honest with you: if you fast If you want to earn a few euros, blogging is the wrong way to go.

If you want to make the quick buck, go to the casino, sell drugs, or just go to work. Blogging is then not for you.

It takes time for you to make money blogging.

And patience.

How much time does it take How long do you have to wait to earn your first euro with blogging?

About 3 to 6 months.

So you have to be ready to blog for six months - without getting any money.

Why so long? Because making money with blogging consists of two building blocks:

Audience + product

I think you can already guess: Every building block takes time.

Component 1: audience

It takes time to build an audience with serious content on the Internet. Kim Kardashian's bum is a quick way to get an audience - but that's not the audience we need. Attention alone is not enough.

And don't worry: you don't need one great Audience.

You need that right one Audience.

You don't need a million casual readers, you need 1,000 true fans.

Do the math: 1,000 fans x 100 euros = 100,000 euros.

So don't strive for a million readers. Strive for 1,000 true fans. If you then offer these fans a product for 100 euros that solves their problem, you can earn 100,000 euros with your blog.

But before those 100,000 come, you have to make the first euro first.

How to build an audience

And you do this with your first reader. So take care of your readers from day 1.

Even if you only have 3 readers a month: Treat these 3 readers like the most important people on earth. Take care of your tribe - no matter how small it is.

At some point your tribe will return the favor.

I could say a lot about traffic tips and marketing. But in the end, only one thing counts: That you care about your readers take care of.

You don't get an audience through “marketing tricks”, but through trust.

You need readers who see you as an authority, listen to you and trust you - otherwise you can't make real money blogging.

Sure you can advertise - but that's anything but smart.

So don't just build an audience - build trust.

And trust takes time. People have to get used to you and realize that you are not a fad that will be gone next year.

Building block 2: product

Many bloggers get stuck after the first building block. I know a lot of bloggers who have a lot of readers but hardly make any money with them.

Either because they don't want it or because they don't know otherwise.

Here comes an important psychological hurdle: from hobby to job.

Once you start selling things and making money on the blog, it is no longer a hobby. It's a trade. A job. You are then pro.

Then messing around with cat photos and vacation updates on the blog is over. Then it gets down to business. Tough business.

And that's exactly what many people shy away from: their blog is their hobby and they want it to stay that way. The step to "Pro" is scary for many.

But you're different - that's why you're reading this blog.

That's why you already know that you need to develop a digital product that solves a problem your readers have.

The biggest obstacle

Easier said than done, however. Because many bloggers have a big hurdle that they have to overcome: themselves.

Because many bloggers want to immediately create the "$ 1 million product" that will change the world and make it filthy rich.

This is a huge hurdle that the blogger has put on himself. He makes life difficult for himself all by himself.

Make life easy for yourself and start with a small product. It is the principle of the “Lean Startup”: First create a “Minimum Viable Product” and then scale up.

If you want to hit the market right away with a giant beater, then you will never hit the market. That's the sad truth.

Better: build something small. Learn from it. Build something bigger.

But even this “small” product takes time: around 1 to 2 months.


To make money blogging, you need two building blocks: an audience and a product. Both take time.

To build an audience, you need to build trust and take care of all of your readers.

Then when you create a product for your audience, you have to solve a problem and start with a small product.

Then you will soon have an e-mail in your inbox: "You have just earned 5 euros - without working."

When did you earn your first euro online? And above all: how?