How is the irrigation depth calculated

Green lawn, flowering beds - so that your garden looks really good in summer, you have to water it properly. We'll show you how it works simply and reliably. The simple watering can was yesterday!

Types of garden watering

The good old watering can is especially useful when you B. want to quickly and easily supply individual flower pots on your terrace with a dash of water.

However, the watering can has its limits where you want to water the lawn. You need an alternative.
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The hose and the garden shower

The next level after the watering can? The garden hose, of course. You can combine it with various attachments - with syringes, showers or pouring sticks.

With this type of irrigation, it is convenient that you have full control over which areas of the garden receive how much water. So you can water some beds more intensively and others less. From a certain garden size, the hose also has its limits.

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Also misappropriated well - the lawn sprinkler

It is often misused. Sure, walking through the rain of the sprinkler can be done in summer.

Connected to a garden hose or a cistern with a pump, the lawn sprinkler irrigates the lawn gently from above. You can also set whether it should alternately turn on its side when blasting the lawn.

With a sprinkler you can water large lawns - up to 350 m 2.
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Precision tool - drip irrigation

If you want to make sure that each plant gets enough water, but you don't want to feed each one with the watering can, then you are ready for drip irrigation.

It is suitable for all areas outside the lawn and irrigates specifically near the roots and therefore sparingly. Because the water arrives exactly where it should.

The system starts with a basic device that reduces the pressure and filters the water at the same time.

Connected to this is a pipe or distribution pipe that transports the water to the desired locations. The system can be used in many ways, e.g. B. for balcony boxes, terrace plants, hedges and shrubs or for flower and vegetable beds and for greenhouses.

The drip irrigation is available in different versions.

Adapted to your bed

You can use drip irrigation in particular in different places in your garden. Make sure you choose the right method for your purposes.

  • For flower or vegetable beds

    • How long is the planting route in total?
    • How many plants need to be watered in total?

    You can create drip irrigation for flower and vegetable beds, small planting areas and row planting with a cistern or connect it to the tap.

    Fog nozzles are ideal for watering newly sown crops.