Why am I afraid of my friends

Fear of meeting friends, fear of using the phone, etc.


I've got some kind of social phobia, too ... I'm not sure where to start now. I actually thought that I '' only '' had an agoraphobia, but I became more and more aware that it is not the fear of tipping over, but the fear of attracting attention!

I don't like to talk on the phone and I don't like to go out (it used to be different before my panic attacks). I'm just totally scared of embarrassing myself somewhere because I still have these stupid panic attacks. And that's why I often turn down invitations and hide at home. I'm just so afraid of rejection, or that I might annoy someone. And I don't even dare to meet my sister, because we have only just found each other and I'm afraid that she will find me stupid if we see each other.

I'm actually really easy to get along with and people like me too, but I just can't bring myself to go out and meet up with my old friends and acquaintances. When I'm in vocational school, none of that is a problem. I can approach other people very well and also go with my group for a while after school and also talk a lot with my class. But I see these people very often ... I just know very well that I wouldn't be able to meet someone again in the evening because I'll have hidden myself at home and I'll have to myself again Rightly crazy what I could do wrong if I meet someone.
I'm already trying to accept the invitations that I get, but I often have the feeling that I can't do it and I'm too tired and then I could collapse and then everyone stares -.-

Well, now I've poured out my heart again.
Do you also know such problems and thoughts? Do you have any tips on what I can do about it?

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