What if Gohan trained more?

Why is Gohan so weak in Dragon Ball Super?


The time that has passed in Dragon Ball Super can apparently be interpreted. In the BoG, Gohan was probably still the strongest, or at least on par with Goku before joining the SSJG, which is why they made it a goal to turn him on like he was the only one who could stop Beerus. Obviously, that didn't work out so well for him. But it has taken its "mystical" form and this is the last time we'll see it yet.

I don't see how he could have fallen so far behind Goku and Vegeta before they were trained by Whis, but basically Gohan didn't train like at all. Not like the time between the fight against Cell and Majin Buu, when he just waned - this time he really didn't do anything at all. The "training" you see of him is when he fights for Baby Pan with Mr. Satan as the Great Saiyaman.

They make it a point to show that he hasn't necessarily lost his power as he can easily beat Ginyu (in Tagoma's body) as a Super Saiyan, just the ability to access anything at will without seriously hurting or hurting killing itself has been lost. Against Frieza, he may have been able to fight him and at least hold him back until Goku and Vegeta got there, but we've all seen what it has done to him to bring out more strength than his body can handle. Think of Kaioken and what happened to Goku when he fought Vegeta, except on a much larger scale.

They also made it their goal to show that maybe he wasn't necessarily "too weak" to face Frieza, just too soft. He lets go of his guard and shows mercy to Ginyu just like Goku did to Frieza, paying for it with a ki shot through the shoulder. Given that he was visibly angry with himself for dropping out of his training, which made him unable to protect his family, he may have learned his lesson of just assuming that his father or Vegeta will always be there, to protect everyone and find some motivation to exercise one a little bit. We will see. My point is that they seem to bring raw power into a gray area and focus more on skill, experience and fighting spirit in this series. That's just my opinion based on the fact that Roshi fought there when Yamcha is easily at least even stronger than him. Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who is wondering what is happening to Gohan. He's not weak, power-wise, he's just out of shape and rocks the father.


I feel like I have to agree to this comment for far too many reasons, but I wanted to comment on this last piece in particular. I've also noticed that DBS is a lot more focused on skills while DBZ is focused on raw performance. (Note that the DB was all about skill, too. Raw power only mattered in the case of King Piccolo, where the difference was huge.) The whole point of SSJB is that it is an advanced form of Ki control is all about it. They make it seem like 'God Ki' is just the ultimate control over Ki, which means it's not a raw power boost, but an efficiency boost. So yes, agreed.