What is life like during pregnancy

Live healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is not a disease. Therefore, the following always applies: What is usually good for a woman and healthy is usually also right for her during pregnancy. But what helps to cope with frequent cravings or sudden nausea?

An expectant mother thinks “for two” during pregnancy, but does not have to eat for two because the additional energy requirement is not very great. With a balanced, varied and, if possible, wholesome diet, supplemented by iodine and folic acid supplements, mother and child are usually well taken care of. Those who eat and live healthily during pregnancy create the best basis for their child to develop optimally.

Refrain from tobacco and alcohol

A healthy lifestyle includes not exposing yourself or your child to danger. You should therefore completely refrain from smoking and alcohol. Passive smoking is also dangerous. As far as possible, pregnant women should therefore avoid rooms where people smoke.

Movement is good for you

Staying physically active during pregnancy is good for both mother and child. It prevents excessive weight gain, but also pregnancy-typical symptoms such as varicose veins or back pain.

It is best to ensure that you exercise every day. Anyone who did sport before pregnancy can - with the exception of a few types of sport - continue to do so in moderation during a normal pregnancy. However, pregnant women are advised not to start new sports with unfamiliar movements.

Eating healthy despite cravings or loss of appetite

Eating behavior often changes, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Some women have food cravings. Others suddenly lose their appetite and have to force themselves to eat enough. Quite a few pregnant women struggle with nausea and vomiting.

With a little organization and discipline, cravings and loss of appetite can usually be managed quite well. Women who are always hungry between meals are better off reaching for fruit and vegetables (for example carrots or apples) than for sandwiches, cakes or chocolate. Eating small meals regularly helps against food cravings. As a precaution, you can take some fruit, vegetables, nuts or whole grain crispbread with you when you are out and about.

If a pregnant woman loses weight because of anorexia, it can help her to eat small portions on a regular basis. Often certain foods, spices or flavors can also stimulate the appetite. Eating together with family or friends also often helps over the reluctance to eat. If a woman loses weight significantly, she should speak to her doctor.

Strategies against nausea

Nausea can become a real problem during pregnancy. A small consolation: From the 4th month of pregnancy, it usually disappears on its own.

It usually helps to eat several small portions a day instead of three normal meals. Small amounts of food are often better tolerated. Other pregnant women get their morning sickness under control by eating a rusk, crispbread or similar and drinking a cup of ginger tea before getting up. If you vomit frequently, it is important to drink enough to make up for the fluid loss.

If the nausea is very severe and you vomit frequently, medical help is needed. In rare cases, treatment in the clinic must ensure the health of the pregnant woman and the healthy development of the child.