What is missing from the tourism apps

luca app in Freiburg

You are still not allowed to open most of your houses, facilities and businesses, and many of you still lack the perspective of when the time will come. We very much regret this and will do our best to support you in these difficult times. Since the Luca app has recently been ready for use in Freiburg and in the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district, we would like to invite you today, Register your company, business, facility free of charge with the "luca" appif not already done. The "luca" check-in system enables free, fast and data protection compliant contact tracking. The aim is to quickly interrupt the corona infection chain.

In order to make life in and around Freiburg Corona-safe for everyone, as many people as possible should use the digital contact tracking with the "luca" app. Anyone who is safe and relaxed as our guest in Freiburg, who feels that they are in good hands with you, will come back and recommend.The FWTM itself is of course also there: The Tourist Information, all our event venues and our administration building are also registered. Gastronomy, hotels, shops, service providers, leisure facilities or organizers in Freiburg and the district of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald can from now onfree register at www.luca-app.de! It's very simple and so important at the same time!

How the Luca app actually works, how the contact information works, detailed instructions and information on support can be found at www.luca-app.de.