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These zodiac signs are prone to crime

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Most murders are committed by cancer, according to published statistics. The zodiac sign is actually known as a great romantic. His most common motive for murder is jealousy.

Cancer is very emotional and prone to extraordinary mood swings. This dangerous combination can turn cancer into a cold-blooded killer.

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Lions are among the strongest and loudest animals. In the end, however, they are just as harmless as cuddly kittens.

The lion can only travel to criminal offenses in order to draw attention to itself. Otherwise, this zodiac sign avoids all unpleasant situations and rather looks for harmony and security.

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Aquarius is just as harmless as Gemini. He is characterized by a very well developed sense of justice and has a great personality.

He's far too clever to endanger himself by criminal acts. Aquarius always has the upper hand and is able to properly evaluate any situation.

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Gemini are perfect negotiators. You can put yourself in any role and have two faces.

These skills actually make twins perfect offenders. In reality, however, they use these properties in other ways and are more likely to attract attention through bad jokes. According to the published statistics, Gemini are extremely rarely involved in crimes and are among the most harmless signs of the zodiac.

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According to the widespread opinion so far, fish have almost only positive properties. However, well-known serial killers such as the killer clown John Wayne Gacy belong to this zodiac sign.

This shows that the fish does not remain a single culprit, but rather develop a real lust for murder can. His methods are very unusual and insidious.

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The zodiac sign Libra is known for the need for harmony and the sense of justice. However, this does not mean that they cannot do otherwise.

The scales can get out of your skin pretty quickly. If the Libra feels that they have been treated unfairly, the other person will feel it quickly. Then the Libra can react very angry at times.

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The Capricorn is a good citizen, he obeys rules and laws. However, it must not be overly stimulated.

The most terrifying serial killer ever, Dr. Harold Shipman, was a Capricorn. On the account of the one better than Dr. Death known murderer go a total of 218 proven murders.

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Virgo has a clear thought structure. She always acts thoughtfully and strives for perfection. Therefore, the role as a psychopath is implausible.

The organized and cold-blooded killer fits better with the characteristics. According to the published statistics, however, the zodiac sign tends to be more prone to cheating and theft than to cold-blooded murder.

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The Taurus has a highly developed protective instinct. If his fellow men are in mortal danger, he is ready for extraordinary deeds.

Above all, the bull is also a great connoisseur. He tends to be luxury. To achieve this is the constellation willing to extortion and fraud.

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Aries strives to stand out from the crowd. Unfortunately, he always attracts attention with extreme outbursts of anger.

He has trouble keeping his aggressions under control. As such, an Aries should never get upset, and once anger builds up, distance should be taken.

Exactly this behavior stands in his way. Because of this, he's not a particularly good criminal either.

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The scorpion is known for its quirk. In order to achieve his goals, he literally walks over corpses. He's officially a psycho.

It has been proven that most serial killers were born in November, so the majority of them are Sagittarius or Scorpio. On top of that, many scorpions are among the most insidious of killers.

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This constellation is very greedy for power. Sagittarians prefer to leave smaller tasks to their subordinates in order to be able to take care of the big business themselves.

He's even ready to commission a murder. With this quality he is at the forefront of the most dangerous zodiac signs.