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Advantages and disadvantages of third-party services with full nodes or full nodes [closed]

What are the pros and cons of a full knot?

Everything depends on the level of trust. Who do you trust Your own system or someone else? And how much money are we talking about then? Multiple low values ​​or monthly or yearly values?

Of course, I recommend a full knot. And yes, it has the disadvantage that the blockchain can be downloaded (up to three weeks without any problems) and you have to get that infrastructure up and running. In return, you get the absolute security that nobody has forged a block or a TX in the blockchain that is mounted on your system. In addition, the data protection is higher than z. B. at SPV nodes. A full node supports the decentralization aspects of the network. The entire Bitcoin ecosystem is more complete nodes, more tamper-proof. Using RPC calls on your local Bitcoin nodes then requires some developer skills or a development team. This can add to the cost of setting up your environment.

Using services like Bitpay or the like has the advantage that you can get started quickly. That way, you can start setting up your business. If you have really large values ​​later on, you can always convert to a full node later.

From a risk perspective: If the values ​​are low, you can use third-party services. However, if you are getting higher scores (above monthly income) then you should think about securing your environment with an infrastructure that is under your own control.


Thank you for your reply. I was told exactly the same thing when I asked on the Bitcoin IRC chat room. Since then I have gained more knowledge and created an API that uses rpc to communicate with my full node. Many Thanks