Will Taylor Swift Tour in 2019

Taylor Swift announces Corona break until 2021 - all shows canceled by the end of the year

Instead of being on a world tour with her album “Lover” between June and August as planned, Taylor has canceled all shows and will withdraw from the public by 2021.

No shows in 2020
On August 23, 2019 Taylor Swift released her sixth number one record “Lover” and sold over 3.2 million copies. In keeping with this, the US singer also wanted to go on tour and knock countless fans off the stool with the “Lover Fest”. The first show in Belgium was supposed to start on June 20, before it wanted to shake the Waldbühne for 22,290 visitors on June 24 and end its concert tour in Foxborough, USA, on August 1, 2020. “And if there are no such events in places I haven't been to for many years, we'll just create them,” added the superstar via Instagram.

omg taylor fucking swift is coming to berlin next year. I have to go there!! omg! pic.twitter.com/rlJFUIg83b

- Nancy (@needsanddesires) September 18, 2019

But Swift cannot stick to all the words in 2020 - the corona pandemic is making life difficult for her too. It even goes so far that Taylor Swift had to speak to her fans and canceled all appointments until the beginning of 2021. Instead, she would like to take a break and confessed:

“I'm so sad that I won't be able to see you guys at one of my concerts this year, but I know it's the right decision. Please, please stay safe and sound. I'll see you from the stage again as soon as I can, but right now it's just important to take the quarantine seriously, for the benefit of everyone. "

I'm so sad I won't be able to see you guys in concert this year, but I know this is the right decision. Please, please stay healthy and safe. I'll see you on stage as soon as I can but right now what's important is committing to this quarantine, for the sake of all of us. pic.twitter.com/qeiMk2Tgon

- Taylor Swift (@ taylorswift13) April 17, 2020

Only the performances in Brazil and the North of America are to be postponed to 2021 at the editorial time, the dates for this will follow shortly. It is not known whether Swift is still interested in a show in Germany. Instead, Taylor tries to get used to the social distance and will only have her family's health on her mind. Her own mother Andrea seems to belong to the risk group and is currently fighting cancer. During an examination for breast cancer treatment, doctors only found her to have a brain tumor last year.

“Mom is always there for me. She is currently on tour with me and even if she doesn't travel with me, I can call her anytime and anytime and she always answers. She's kind of my therapist, she brings light into the dark and I love her for it, ”Taylor told NME magazine and added in an interview with the Variety team:“ While she was going through the treatment, they found one Brain tumor. The symptoms of a brain tumor are very different from anything we've gone through with your cancer. It's very tough for us as a family. […] That is the reason. I mean we don't know what's going to happen. We don't know what type of treatment we will seek out. It was just the right decision at the time, for now, for what was happening. Everyone loves their mother, everyone's mother is important. For me, on the other hand, she is really a leading figure. Whenever I make a decision, I speak to her first. So of course it was a big deal to talk about her illness. "