How is port served

How do you drink port?

How do you actually drink port wine - we are often asked that. I would like to answer how you like him. Okay, that's not a satisfactory answer I guess then. That's why we've put together some facts here.

We have already reported in several blog posts about port wine, its centuries-old tradition, what types of port wine there are and, in some cases, also how to serve it. This sweet wine from the Douro Valley is becoming more and more popular with us and, accordingly, more and more space on the wine shelves. Yes, you can even read good port wines or classic drinks such as portonic on good wine lists in restaurants and bars.

Port wine as a dessert wine

As with many traditional products, there are a few things to consider with port wine. In Portugal, this liqueur wine is mainly enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif, i.e. before or after a meal.

So how do you drink port? You can enjoy port wine with almost any dish or add it to the order of the dishes. It just depends on which port it is and which food you are offering.

When served with food, red port is more likely to be served with dark meat - beef or game. We have already reported on this in our blog entry port wine and steak. Port wine also goes very well with fruit. Try the following out: Put a glass of port wine over a bowl of sugared strawberries and let it steep in the refrigerator for half an hour. My mouth is watering right now and it's a shame that the strawberry season is already over.

We reported in a previous blog post how to drink white port wine and how to enjoy it best.

Opening a port wine

On the Internet you can find information that a port wine bottle that has been stored for a long time can be opened with port wine tongs. Well, we don't have any. But we've watched a couple of times in Portugal. Actually, it's more like doing a little show with it to get attention. Often corks are crumbly and brittle due to the long storage and then such a pair of tongs can be used.

We have seen that even very old ports were carefully opened with a classic corkscrew. Bottle-aged ports such as Vintages should also be decanted. Port wines from the barrel such as LBV or Tawny do not need to be decanted.

Best enjoyment with the right glass

Port wine - both red and white port wine - can be drunk from many glasses. And of course there are also the classic port wine glasses. They hold 80 to 140 milliliters and are smaller than red or white wine glasses. The shape is tulip-like and narrows slightly towards the opening.

Port wine is usually served as a dessert wine, it should always be served a little chilled. One often says room temperature, but does not mean the current conditions in the living rooms. But rather the temperature from before, when there was no central heating in the rooms. Well, I usually put the bottle in the fridge and take it out half an hour to an hour in advance. And for perfect enjoyment, Schott Zwiesel has developed a suitable port wine glass that is used all over the world.

Storage of port wine

In general, port wine should be stored in a dark and cool place. The temperatures should be around 10 to 12 ° C - so a cellar is good here. Many port wines - whether bought or given as a gift - can be drunk straight away. However, many can also be stored for longer. They can wait several decades in the dark cellar before we want to buy a glass of it.

Port wine matured in the bottle should be stored horizontally so that the cork continues to play around. The port wine bottle should be put down in good time. Normal qualities such as Tawny or Ruby are placed at least one day before opening, a noble vintage one week before.




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