Which brand has the best purple shampoo?

Silver shampoo test 2021: They work best against yellowing

Silver shampoo is THE must-have for blonde women. Because in contrast to normal shampoo, it is able to remove the hated yellow tinge in blonde. This works thanks to the purple pigments contained in the silver shampoo. These fine pigments settle on the hair and thus neutralize the yellow tinge. The result: the blonde looks cooler, fresher and more radiant. This is made possible by the principle of color theory.

Silver shampoo especially benefits those who have dyed their hair from originally brown to blonde. But even those who have platinum blonde hair or granny hair should regularly use silver shampoo. Silver shampoo can even add a trendy silvery shade to naturally blonde hair.

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Silver shampoo test 2021: which shampoo is best?

We asked master hairdresser Enie Knapp which silver shampoos she recommends as an expert. In her opinion, drugstore products lag behind salon brand shampoos. They have too little pigment and therefore do not remove the yellow tinge as well.

The independent comparison portal now also has this impression Comparison.org in the Silver shampoo test 2019confirms: The best silver shampoos are available in the hairdressing trade. Drugstore products from well-known brands such as Swiss-o-Par or Guhl were consistently in the rear.

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Silver shampoo test: the test winners

Of all the silver shampoos, the “Fanola No Yellow Shampoo” performed best in the test. It was able to remove the yellow tinge most effectively, provided a beautiful silvery sheen and overall had the best price-performance ratio.

In second place in the silver shampoo test: the "Magnesium Silver Shampoo" from L'Oréal Professionell. Overall, the cheap products performed best in the comparative.org silver shampoo test. In third place went the cheap silver shampoo "Beach Blonde Shampoo" by Lee Stafford.

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The most popular silver shampoo on Amazon

As a supplement to the silver shampoo test, we looked at the reviews on Amazon. Another silver shampoo is the favorite there: the "Purple Shampoo" from B Uniq. The silver shampoo has a whopping 4.3 stars with over 5000 reviews.

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How do you use silver shampoo correctly?

Hairdresser Enie Knapp explains what to look out for with silver shampoos:
"It's very easy to use: you wash your hair, apply the shampoo and let the foam work for two to three minutes. During this time, the pigment is deposited on the hair. Then rinse and style everything as usual."

Does silver shampoo damage the hair in the long term?

"No. Silver shampoos primarily have a cleansing effect. At best, they also have a slight care effect. But the purple pigment just adheres to the hair without any harm to its structure."

Are there any tints with an effect similar to silver shampoo?

"Yes, many hairdressers apply so-called 'matting' or pastel-tone coloring to their hair after bleaching. These are very dull colors that achieve the same effect as silver shampoo in bleached hair. But: There is always some chemistry involved and that is at the expense of hair quality. "

Which is better: silver shampoo or matting from the hairdresser?

"I would always go for the silver shampoo. Matting only lasts about six washes in the hair, then the effect is gone. Hairdressers only use this matting or tint if the hair is so yellowish after bleaching that you can see the customer so that can not leave home. "

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Conclusion: Silver shampoo is a real beauty must-have

Silver shampoo is a great helper for everyone who loves a clear, cool blonde - and those who want to try the trendy "granny" look with slightly gray hair. It's great that the following applies in both cases: Silver shampoos do not strain the hair and only change its color for a short time - so they are ideal for experimenting and being creative!

One last important thing: The subject of hair care is always very individual. Only you can judge for yourself whether the tips or products presented by us work for you. If you under

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