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Day of the kiss

On July 6th, the time has come again: With International Kiss Day, romantic lip service is in the spotlight worldwide. A separate day has been dedicated to kissing, kissing, kissing, smooching and smacking since 1990.


The idea of ​​honoring a tender gesture for love, affection, passion, friendship and solidarity with the day of action is said to have its origin in Great Britain. From there, the originally "National Kissing Day", known as" International Kissing Day ", its triumphal march into the world. Whether one wanted to counter the conservative, iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, who is characterized by strict moral standards, with a bit of pure lust for life remains unclear first world kissing day was celebrated.

regional customs

The practices around kissing differ significantly around the world. For example, in USA there is a Cheek kiss more embarrassing to greet than welcome while one Love kiss is not only commonplace in Hollywood films. In Ethiopia, a greeting is kissed at least three times on the cheek, although it can be a few more kisses. With Kiss on the mouth in turn, couples hold back in public, they are considered offensive, as in many other African countries. In strictly Islamic states, kissing in public is unthinkable. As a gesture of friendship, you hug each other - among men - to greet you or say goodbye. Until 1997, couples in China were banned from kissing in public, it was considered "immoral behavior". Today, kissing couples have long been part of the street scene. In France, the land of love, the French kiss, the "French kiss"Given its name, three to four kisses on the cheek to greet and say goodbye are popular, depending on the region, while Scandinavia is still in its infancy with this ritual.1

The is known for its charm and its etiquette Hand kiss in Austria. Once part of the court ceremony, it is still used today, but only in private and social environments. It shouldn't be left there on the day of the kiss.

Lots Radio station bring on 6.7. the most beautiful stories about kissing, numerous chats encourage active participation.

Kissing is healthy

Whether out of love, as a goodbye, as a greeting, as a sign of deference or decency, whether on the mouth, cheek or forehead - a kiss strengthens social bonds and requires empathy. This is also confirmed by the Medical University of Graz, which for the last World Kiss Day on the health aspects of kissing. So let a passionate kiss forget the environment, make your stomach tingle and let your knees go weak. Effects that not only trigger feelings of happiness, but also strengthen the cardiovascular system and, last but not least, the immune system through the exchange of 80 million bacteria.2

The hormones released when kissing are wonderful Stress killer. Those who kiss often fight depressive states, frustration and fear and can even increase their life expectancy by up to five years.3

And even one Muscle training is included when kissing. 34 facial muscles are activated in a single kiss. Given that a person gives an average of 100,000 kisses in the course of their life, some training sessions come about.4

By the way: The longest kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds and was achieved by the Thais Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat in 2013.5

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