Where I see celebrities in Vienna

Vienna: These are the favorite places of local celebrities

DOMINICAN BASTEI KONSTANTIN FILIPPOU, 38, GASTRONOMER You can meet the cook regularly in the Dominican Bastion in the 1st district: "And not only because my two restaurants are located on this street, but also because our neighbor, Marco Simonis, is there. I have breakfast in his restaurant almost every day and prepare me for the day. "

SERVITENGASSE PROSCHAT MADANI, 50, ACTRESS The "Vorstadtweiber" star likes to be out and about in Servitengasse in the 9th district: "I like the small, contemplative quarter with its beautiful shops and bars. I especially like the place around the Serviten monastery! In summer it just looks like a fairytale . "

ESPRESSO BURGGASSE DORIS KNECHT, 52, WRITER Actually, book author Doris Knecht rarely goes out in Vienna: "I don't have a regular pub, but if there's one place I like to be, it's Espresso Burggasse. Everything is so loving: the hosts Julia and Michi, the food , the sound, the equipment. And breakfast is served until late at night. "

KÜNIGLBERG CORNELIUS OBONYA, 49, ACTOR Cornelius Obonya can best relax in the forest on the Küniglberg in Hietzing. The actor has known this place for a long time: "I used to ride my bike there as a boy, now I go for a walk with the dog. After living abroad for a few years, I enjoy being here all the more."

SPORTHALLE CLAUDIA KOTTAL, 37, ACTRESS The "CopStories" woman is often sporty. Her favorite place is the sports hall in the 8th district: "I recently discovered it and I am absolutely thrilled. The trainers are super competent and the group training is fun - I didn't even know that I could be so skillful and motivated. Really wonderful ! "

LIECHTENSTEINPARK BIANCA SCHWARZJIRG, 38, PULSE 4 MODERATOR If the TV lady needs relaxation, she will find it in the 9th district: "I really like the Liechtensteinpark and do my running laps there. It's nice that there is a landscaped park on one side and an area on the other with ducks waddling through the tall grass. "

NASCHMARKT STEFFEN HOFMANN, 38, EX-FOOTBALLER Where can Rapid fans find their "football god" apart from Hütteldorf? "I feel very much at home in the 6th district. I live here with my family and have the Naschmarkt on my doorstep," says the former midfielder. "I also like to visit the Volksoper when my children are performing."

MÖLKERSTIEGE YASMO, 27, RAPPERIN "My favorite place in Vienna is the Mölkerstiege. This winding alley, the little corner that can be found upstairs and the ramp from which you can look at the university, but is hidden behind trees, has something very special for me. It It's like traveling back 200 years, suddenly having peace and quiet (even though the ring is around the corner) and as if time passed a little slower there. There used to be a bench there that was dismantled, but you can confidently sit on a curb, unpack a book and briefly dive into another world. "

OLD DANUBE ANDREA HÄNDLER, 54, CABARETIST Andrea Händler loves her Kabane on the Old Danube, for her it is the most beautiful retreat: "You have the feeling of living in the country and yet you can be in the city in ten minutes. The view of the water is pure relaxation. And a white man Splashes now and then underlines the feeling of well-being! "

KAHLENBERGER CEMETERY ALINA FRITSCH, 28, ACTRESS “One of my favorite places in Vienna is the old Kahlenberg cemetery, which is totally forgotten and sunken, and surrounded by a forest, looking down on the vineyards. A special melancholy beauty resides in him and in the moss-covered ivy-overgrown graves. Incidentally, the most beautiful woman in Vienna is said to be buried there. "