Does Jesus still have his human body

The new glorified body of Jesus. And why you should care. Because you will get one too

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When Jesus rose from the dead, he had a new, glorified body. We too will receive such a new, immortal body for eternity (1 Corinthians 15:48).

When? At the moment of the rapture, Jesus gives us our new body (chronology of the rapture).

"He (meaning Jesus; note from me) will transform our weak, mortal body to conform to his glorified body. " (Philippians chapter 3, verse 21; New Life Bible Translation, Holzgerlingen, 2002)

What this new, glorified, eternal body will be like, we do not know in detail. What we know from the Bible:

  • It is a real, solid body and not something nebulous or a fleshless spirit being. People touched Jesus after he was born again (John 20:27; Luke 24:39) and hugged him (Matthew 28: 9).
  • Jesus was recognized in his new body (John 20:20); where Jesus was not recognized, that was desired by God, see disciples did not recognize Jesus on the way to Emmaus.
  • Jesus eats in his new body (Acts 1: 4; John 21:13; Luke 24:43, Luke 24:30). I'm happy because I don't want to go without my cheesecake even in heaven.
  • The new body is a human figure, that is to say: the new, glorified body looks outwardly like we know the human body; not an alien fantasy (Luke 24:39).
  • The new body is not bound to the dimensions known to us. Jesus suddenly appeared in closed rooms (John 20:19; John 20:26; Luke 24:36)

Do you have to pack a suitcase in heaven when you travel?

What journeys through God's universe are possible with the new, glorified body! Remember that at the rapture, when we receive our new, glorified body, we will in an instant rise from earth to Jesus in the clouds (1st heaven, our visible atmosphere), and then across to 2nd heaven (Space) to travel to the 3rd heaven (1 Thessalonians 4: 15-18).

Our new, glorified, eternal body will have both familiar human characteristics and new supernatural possibilities.

Such a super body for boring plucking on a harp?

Why do you think, why our loving Creator gives us a body with such bodies that burst all currently known dimensions and physical laws?
So that you can sit bored in your nightgown on a cloud and pluck a harp listlessly (just as atheists want to sell us heaven)?
Do you have any inkling of the currently unspeakable glories that will be available to us in the presence of God? What a wonderful loving Creator we have!

"Holy, holy, holy is the Lord, God, the Almighty, who always was, who is and who is yet to come."
“You are worthy to receive our Lord and God, glory and honor and power. For you created all things because you wanted them to be there and they were created. "(Revelation chapter 4, verses 8 + 11; New Life Bible translation, Holzgerlingen, 2002)
All believers in Jesus, those who have died as well as those who will then live on earth, receive their bodies suitable for eternity at the moment of the rapture. It is sad to frightening that quite a few Christians reject the rapture (although it is announced in the Bible). It is the only (!) Event at which the Jesus believers receive their new body. Is this clear to those who oppose the rapture? Without a rapture, there is no body fit for life in eternity.

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