What are the ten best trippy movies

Do you know fucked up, trippy series or films?

So I want to watch the series Adventure Time again, partly for nostalgia reasons, and somehow I don't quite have the perspective.

When I watched AT on Nickelodeon back then, no friend told me that I was missing a lot and that there are more and better episodes on the original channel, Cartoon Networks, that make the whole plot even more of a plot and tell more about the characters. Is that correct? If so, what are the consequences? I have also heard that, among other things, the life of the Ice King is shown there before he lost his mind with this ice crown.

I just know that there is the main series with ten seasons. What else is there, how is it all structured?

I watched the very first episode of the main series, but it made me wonder. Because there it goes straight into the plot, does it have to be like that, or were there certain episodes that briefly introduced the characters at the beginning? I was also amazed because Princess Bubble Gum was all grown up there, but I remembered clearly that there was also a teenage version of her, as my friend said. Will that be in the main series or anywhere else?

So there are a few questions here, as well as the structure question.

I hope you understood me and one or the other can help me.

Many, many thanks in advance.

Kind regards