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Micro adventure: get out there and do it! Simply good outdoor experiences on your doorstep. Ideas, equipment, motivation

“When I set out on my bike one afternoon to drive from Hamburg to Berlin overnight, I had no idea that this campaign was going to turn my life upside down. The adventures, which often seemed so far away, suddenly lay everywhere. I just had to do it. "

The motto Get out and do it! has meanwhile become the heart of Christo Foerster's micro-adventure philosophy. In this jam-packed book, the author and motivational speaker reports on his own experiences on the doorstep, presents ideas and equipment, and outlines tours for cities, mountains and forests. Why wait until you have enough money, enough vacation, enough courage? Time is now.

An inspiring outdoor manifest against all excuses.

Whether you are looking for an extraordinary travel guide for Germany, whether you are hiking or cycling, setting out on a SUP, kayak or canoe, or just want to go on a day trip to the forest, the mountains or the sea - the book »Micro Adventures« is a solid source of inspiration that kicks you in the buttocks.

"You can feel the feeling of freedom." // "And already I caught myself in everyday life. You are 100 percent right. Thank you for this inspiration." // "This is exactly how my best adventures came about." // "It really shook me up. Just do it and don't think twice." From the comments on the micro-adventure short film "Best outside" with Christo Foerster

From the content:

· I wanted to get out again

· Micro adventure ideas

· Two summer days in the Eifel

· Micro-adventure motivation

· Sea of ​​lights at the container port

· Camp & Bivouac: Legal

· Where to sleep?

· Equipment for outside nights

· Micro-adventure on foot

· Micro-adventure by bike

· Micro adventures in and on the water

· From the jungle to the Jungfernstieg

· Apps for micro adventurers

· 5-to-9: Party adventure

· Summit happiness on the Hasselbrack

· Micro adventures with children

· Survival basics

· Micro adventure kitchen

· Micro adventures in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt

Christo Foerster studied at the German Sport University in Cologne, trained at the Berlin School of Journalism and was the chief editor of the magazines Fit for Fun and Men's Fitness. In 2012 he founded the Natural Coaching Academy and developed the Junglefit fitness concept. Today he holds lectures in companies as an expert on motivation, change and personality development, and drives the micro-adventure project »Get out and do«, launched in 2017, with great passion.