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Fitness stocks: skyrocketing price gains for investors

The fitness boom in Germany continues unabated. While only 300,000 people were registered in a fitness studio in the 1980s, today more than 10.6 million members are registered in a fitness club (source: Statista, as of 2017). Across Europe, more than 50 million people now regularly visit a gym, worldwide this number adds up to over 162 million fitness fans.

The various fitness clubs are now generating sales of over US $ 80 billion worldwide, and the North American market alone is worth more than US $ 28 billion. This segment is of course also interesting for investors, because not only fitness clubs benefit here, but also equipment manufacturers and manufacturers of sportswear and accessories. An overview of the most successful fitness stocks:

1. Planet Fitness (+98% over the year)

Planet Fitness shares have tripled since going public three years ago. Planet Fitness is definitely one of the most successful fitness stocks in the segment. The reason for the success of the American fitness chain is, among other things, the low prices.

Membership in the fitness club is possible for just under US $ 10 a month. The fitness chain now operates more than 1,500 fitness centers in the USA, primarily to appeal to the general public. The bill is paying off - in spring 2017 the mark of 10 million members was exceeded.

2. Basic-Fit (+ 78% over the year)

The Dutch Basic-Fit is one of the most successful fitness studios in Europe. The fitness chain now operates more than 530 fitness clubs in Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, etc.) with 3,500 employees and is the European market leader in the budget fitness market with more than 1.65 million members.

Basic-Fit is growing faster than its competitor Planet Fitness in the USA and the performance of the share price is also impressive. Over the year, the Basic-Fit share rose by almost 80% and is therefore also one of the most successful fitness shares.

3. Technogym SpA (+ 52% over the year)

Fitness equipment with an Italian design - that's what the name Technogym stands for. The company is particularly well known to professional athletes. Sports professionals like Christiano Ronaldo or Marcel Hirscher rely on the equipment of the Italian fitness equipment manufacturer, whose equipment is enjoying increasing popularity despite high prices.

This is also reflected in the company figures and the share price. After Technogym passed the sales threshold of € 500 million in 2015, the sales mark of € 700 million was taken in 2017.

4. Puma (+ 42% year-on-year)

The German sporting goods manufacturer Puma has also been one of the beneficiaries of the fitness boom in recent years, because functional sportswear is also becoming increasingly important for athletes. In the meantime, Puma has also entered the wearables business and has entered into a global partnership with the Fossil Group - Puma watches and wearables are to be developed and sold as early as 2018. The first Puma computer watches (smartwatches) are expected in 2019. The Puma share has already increased by 42% for the year as a whole.

5. Nike (+ 28% over the year)

The shares of the sporting goods manufacturer Nike also recently climbed to a new record high of well over US $ 70. The American sports shoe manufacturer tries to assert itself against the German competition (Adidas, Puma etc.) by concentrating on its digital sales platform. In addition, Nike relies heavily on new sneakers such as the Nike Air Max 270 and Epic React - this strategy is apparently well received in the home market, and demand for Nike products is rising again.

6. Garmin (+ 15% over the year)

The navigation system manufacturer Garmin has long recognized the potential of the fitness market. The company offers GPS watches (Forerunner, Vector, etc.) and smartwatches. The outdoor and fitness area now accounts for 42% of total sales for the GPS specialist. Garmin also wants to expand this business - for example with new sports watches that can be used to store and play music.

7. Adidas (+ 4% over the year)

In the last 3 years the Adidas share price has more than tripled. Adidas now relies on a very modern production facility (Speedfactory), which, paired with movement recording, data analysis and 3D printing, should ensure that one day Adidas can offer custom-made shoes that are precisely tailored to the needs of the customer. After the massive price increase in recent years, investors are waiting for the upward trend to continue.

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