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Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray: First test drive in the new sports car

Chevrolet's eighth Corvette generation comes with a mid-engine, new technology and impressive driving performance. Test drive, pictures, technical data and prices

  • Start in Germany in the second half of 2021

  • 495 hp catapult the Corvette to 100 km / h in three seconds

  • Prices: from 99,000 euros, convertible from 106,000 euros

Chevrolet versus Ferrari - who will win this duel has never been a question. With the Corvette C8 Stingray, which has been delivered in the USA since mid-2020, the Americans finally want to outdo the Italians and are going for it fundamentally new ways. The hit will only come to us in the second half of 2021.

Legendary US Sports Car: The Corvette

"In almost 70 years this is the biggest step we have ever taken," says chief engineer Ed Piatek. Just like with Ferrari (and also with Lamborghini or McLaren) it is engine recently no longer mounted in the bow, but in the center of the aluminum and carbon frame. Nicely draped under a fiberglass hood, it was squeezed right behind the seats. In this way he lowers the center of gravity of the “Vette” and shifts it to the exact center of the vehicle, especially for better balance. In addition, the steering is relieved and the rollers in the rear have more traction. "You can also see better when the engine block no longer blocks the view of the road," says Piatek.

The result of this change is at least one class better driving behavior. Where in the past you had to wait at least a few moments until the long bow followed the curve, the coupé is now much more agile. As soon as you give a steering impulse, the Corvette has already changed course - and at the exit of the curve it stands straight again more quickly, so that you can hammer the accelerator on the ground again.

The new Corvette has extremely strong driving performance

Benefiting from the icon's first double clutch, the Corvette catapults itself towards the horizon so that Ferrari drivers rub their eyes in amazement. Chevrolet is just starting with that Basic model and there is still no talk of ZR1 or Z06. But even this devil ray lives up to its name. Although the Corvette is anything but lightweight, enough 495 hp and 637Nm for performance that has never been seen before with the entry-level model: the legendary US Sports Car accelerates from 0 to 100 in just under three seconds, and the limit is only 312 km / h.

As much as the Americans stretched to Ferrari and as much as they have therefore changed in the Corvette, the bestseller remains true to itself in a few disciplines: the engine is still a vacuum cleaner with monstrous 6.2 liter displacement and the Corvette is more suitable as a cruiser than any other sports car of this caliber.

Cool design, high quality materials

In Tour mode, the first of three driving profiles, the Corvette is not only more comfortable than anything coming from Italy or England, it is also much quieter. And it also offers with its two trunk compartments in the bow and in the stern more space for luggage and is even suitable as a convertible, because all coupés have that Take out the roof can. Nevertheless, there will be a real convertible again, this time with a retractable hardtop as a premiere.

Hardly recognizable the design of the Corvette. Seen in isolation, it looks spectacular, but in comparison with other supercars it is quite interchangeable. This arouses a sentimental longing for the muscle cars of yore and the legendary Coke bottle shape.

Digital cockpit and infotainment

That too Ambience presents itself completely new: with digital instruments, a large touchscreen next to it and an almost square steering wheel. This sits surprisingly well in the hand, is flat at the top so that you can look over it better and at the bottom so that you can get in more easily.
Play a leading role paint, Leather and a lot of bare metal. It looks good, feels good and most of all it makes you forget the dreary plastic deserts with which the Americans used to outclass themselves. If only it weren't for the huge wall that towers between the two seats.

Also the Switch strip, which flows like a trickle over the entire length, the Americans would have saved better. Nobody wants to fiddle around with such small buttons while keeping a 500-horsepower car on course.

The driving pleasure costs 99,000 euros

Mid-engine, double clutch, performance far beyond Porsche 911 & Co. and finally a handling that is not only suitable for die-hard people - now the eighth generation of the Corvette actually plays in a league with Ferrari.
Nevertheless, the Americans have not forgotten their origins: Compared to the luxurious mid-engine models from Maranello, the Corvette remains inexpensive. In the USA (the Europeans have to wait another year) the Stingray is already available for $ 58,900 and thus for about the price of a naked Porsche Cayman.

With us, the price climbs to the Porsche 911 level with an export surcharge and better equipment. Means: The Corvette starts at 99,000 euros for the coupé version and 106,000 euros for the convertible. But among its peers, the C8 is still a bargain.

Technical data Chevrolet Corvette

Technical data (manufacturer information)

Corvette C8 Stingray

Motor / drive

V8-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine, 6.2 l displacement, 364 kW / 495 PS, 637 Nm at 5150 rpm


3.0 s to 100 km / h, 312 km / h top

Consumption (according to WLTP)

k. A.


L 4.63 / W 1.93 / H 1.23 m


357 l


from € 99,000

Text: Thomas Geiger

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