What is a gear generate

Illustrator: Create gear / gears

This is how you create one or more gearwheels in Illustrator - quickly and easily!

First we select the star tool and click with the left mouse button on our workspace. A dialog then opens in which we can edit the settings of our star. I gave the star 12 points. You can experiment with the radii as you wish.

Then we draw a circle inside the star. It is important that the circle is a little larger than the inner radius of the star (see screenshot). Then we align the star and circle centered on each other. When we have done that, we use the Pathfinder with "Add shape area", then click on Convert.

The star and circle now became an object. In the middle of this object we draw a circle again, as in the screenshot. Align both objects centered to each other again. Then we use the Pathfinder again, but this time with "Subtract shape area", click on Convert again.

Now we draw a circle one last time. This time, however, far to the outside, but still within the outer star radius (see screenshot). Then center both objects again. With the Pathfinder we now form the "intersection of the shape areas", converting.

Now the gear is ready. Art can now remove the stroke and fill the gear as desired color.

You can also use a 3D effect.

Work file: Download Illustrator gear 2D and 3D (zip | ai)

Now you know how to make gears in Illustrator.

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