Why does my clutch pedal feel soft?

My clutch is strange - or normal? - limejuice - 11.06.201510:24


I have another question about my clutch. I've had my Twingo for 2 weeks, so I can't say that much about it. whether this is "normal". I already had my Twingo in the workshop and told her to examine it. Then the crankshaft sensor was changed, otherwise they hadn't written anything down. But still - I think the clutch is strange.

In fact, I think that it works in 3 pieces when starting, and not "smooth" enough. I've driven Ford, VW and Skoda cars and the clutch was always very soft. And I think in this case it is more like 3 pieces. Well, it doesn't hook, no, but it's also not as fluid as I'm used to. But is that normal? I've never driven Twingo before. : /

Tomorrow I have an appointment in a Renault workshop, but they were stupid on the phone. "What should we look at the clutch?" --- well, as a vehicle workshop you should already know that * annoying * in any case, they wanted to take it for a test drive tomorrow.

But - do any of you know the problem? What can that be? Is that normal? What can you do with it, lubricate / oil, vent, etc?

I would really appreciate your answers!

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - 9eor9 - 11.06.201510:38

Does the operation jerk or does it jerk when propelling? Sounds?

The clutch on the C06 (Twingo 1) does not have any abnormal peculiarities if it is OK. The adjustment mechanism on the lever can cause trouble.

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - limejuice - 11.06.201510:57

No noises, nothing jerks. I only notice it when starting off (I feel like a novice driver because I have such problems with my Twingi when starting off: / ...).
It's just hard to describe. I let the clutch come and have the feeling that it just pushes quite a bit, up to * point 1 *, where I can't start yet, then to * point 2 *, where you can't start up yet, and then to * Point 3 *, and somewhere like that you have to start with the gas, otherwise I will choke it off.
And with the clutches that I usually had on other cars, there was no such "3 points", otherwise it was fluid.

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - 9eor9 - 11.06.201511:28

Something is not right. It can be a kinked or stiff rope (rust?), Or a poorly lubricated gear shaft. Check the train. To do this, unhook it from the gearbox and slide it back and forth.

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - Broadcast Technician - 11.06.201511:28

The twin coupling comes a little way, especially if it was driven tame.
You get used to it in no time.

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - limejuice - 11.06.201511:36

(06/11/2015 11:28 AM) Broadcast technician wrote:The twin coupling comes a little way, especially if it was driven tame.
You get used to it in no time.

my twingi had 2 previous owners, I guess they both drove rather tame and didn't heat it that hard
Afterwards I'll have the opportunity to drive a friend's Twingo, then I can compare.
So it * could * be normal and just a matter of getting used to it?


Does every Twingo actually have a clutch cable?

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - lelletz - 12.06.201509:55

That sounds a little familiar to me.

First of all:
The healthy clutch comes almost at the top of the Twingo, the almost worn one clearly below - at least someone wrote that here.

When you step down, mine feels like this:

Relatively easy at the beginning, significantly more difficult in the middle, then comes a point at which it becomes significantly easier again.
Conversely, if the clutch comes up quite high, of course, that from where there is more pressure, the pedal comes up faster and in no time you are there where the clutch engages. You can stall at the beginning of the twingo times.

With mine I had the problem of a worn clutch cable. A new train from the accessories "lasted" about 10 months until I had this stick-slip effect again.
A new, more expensive train has been working very well for 1 year now. In addition, I had a new clutch pedal installed because the FEBI set was the automatic adjustment of real botch and Renault didn't want to sell the clutch adjustment set, but only the complete pedal.
No matter, now it works mostly fine.

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - limejuice - 12.06.201512:39

I've just been to a Renault workshop. I told them about my problem, they took a test drive and checked again, and everything is fine with the clutch
The man also explained to me that the clutch only comes in the upper third, and that I therefore certainly have the problems when starting, that it is just a matter of getting used to, but nothing is broken or faulty. Before that, I drove a Skoda Oktavia (but it wasn't my car), and the clutch is just completely different.
So I have to get used to it first, I've only had my Twingi a little longer than 2 weeks, and I don't drive every day. I guess I'm just very impatient ... but starting off always frustrates me, especially if I stall it, then I'll get into a crisis. That hasn't happened to me since I was driving school

@Lelletz: So it was easier for you when you put in / installed a new clutch cable? Or have you got used to the clutch?

RE: My clutch is strange - or normal? - lelletz - 13.06.201507:51

At first I was also unfamiliar with the clutch - then at first it got used to it!

The thing about the train was because the clutch pedal always jerked upwards when it was released.
Lubrication with a silicone oil improved this at times, so I decided to replace the rope.

First try to get used to the new environment - it will work