Which horse ran the fastest Kentucky Derby



(March 30, 1970 - October 4, 1989)
... was an American racehorse that is considered by many to be the best racehorse of all time.

His father was Bold Ruler, his mother Somethingroyal. Secretariat was born on Meadow Farms Stables in Doswell, Virginia. The owner was Ms. Penny Chenery (Mrs. Penny Tweedy), coach of the Canadians Lucien Laurin, and his jockey the Canadians Ron Turcotte.

Secretariat won the 1973 Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes and became the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years since Citation won that title in 1948. Many fans believed that this event would never happen again. Secretariat's course records in the Kentucky Derby and Belmont Stakes have not been reached again to this day, and the second is also the world record of one and a half miles (2.4 km) on a dirt track to this day.

Secretariat would still hold the official course record of the Preakness Stakes to this day if the timekeeper had not been defective. ๐Ÿ˜‰

His athletic abilities became particularly evident after it was discovered that he ran every quarter mile faster than the one before in the Kentucky Derby. Usually horses get slower and slower as they race.

On an ESPN list of the 100 greatest athletes of all time, he was number 35, one of three animals on this list, along with the horses Man o โ€™War and Citation.

Secretariat was voted Horse of the Year twice and was the first horse to receive this award at the age of two. In 1974, Secretariat was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the National Museum of Racing.

Source: Wikipedia