What will be lift

Almost everyone uses an elevator regularly or occasionally in the course of their life. Elevators are used in buildings and sometimes in other areas in order to overcome height differences quickly, comfortably and safely. The exact advantages of elevator systems depend on where they are used. While a passenger elevator ensures that people are transported over several floors, freight elevators, for example, ensure that logistical processes run smoothly. Elevators also do a good job of transporting patients in hospital beds and people who are dependent on a wheelchair.

Do I need an elevator in the apartment building?

Before deciding on an elevator system, you must ask yourself the question “What do I need an elevator for and is it even worth buying?”. Elevators can be used in different buildings. The installation of an elevator system is particularly useful in multi-family houses with several floors. In single-family houses with only one or two floors, elevators are usually only installed if one or more residents are restricted when walking and climbing stairs. When negotiating one or two floors in a residential building, time and comfort play less of a role. On the other hand, it looks completely different when overcoming larger height differences. In residential buildings with two, three or more floors, elevators offer the highest level of comfort and also save a certain amount of time. In multi-family houses, elevator systems are therefore often part of the standard equipment. It is much more convenient for residents and visitors to use the elevator if they have to go to one of the upper floors. This is especially true when shopping, furniture or the stroller have to be brought into the apartment.

Elevator system enhances the property

Elevator systems offer convenience and save time when it comes to changing floors quickly. But there is another aspect that speaks in favor of installing an elevator system in an apartment building. You add value to your property when you have an elevator system installed. As a rule, an apartment building is not only inhabited by one family or the property owner, but by several families. Many property owners want to rent or sell the individual apartments as well as possible. If no elevator system is installed in the house, this can be a disadvantage. Especially when the apartments on the upper floors are to be presented in an attractive way. Here, too, you have to remember that the competition never sleeps. If another residential building has equally beautiful apartments, a good location and a lift, many tenants and buyers will opt for the competing property. With the installation of a passenger elevator, property owners are taking an important step to make their property more attractive for buyers and tenants. Thanks to the upgrading of the property with a passenger elevator, rents and the purchase price can also be set higher.

Design real estate barrier-free

‘The installation of an elevator system always adds value to a property, as it guarantees comfort when negotiating several floors. However, elevators in residential buildings offer another advantage, they ensure accessibility. The demand for barrier-free living is increasing because, due to the rising average age, more and more elderly people live in our society. As they get older, many people want an alternative to stairs and prefer to use the elevator. People with reduced mobility and wheelchair users are also dependent on barrier-free living. Anyone who has an elevator system installed in their own apartment building expands their group of buyers or tenants to include elderly and disabled people. Large elevators suitable for wheelchair users are generally an advantage, because they can also be used to transport smaller furniture, prams and bicycles more easily.

Advantages of passenger elevators at a glance:

Whichever type of elevator system you choose in your apartment building, you will secure the following advantages:

  • Comfort for residents and visitors
  • Increase in the value of the property
  • Transport of loads is made easier
  • Barrier-free living in old age and those with walking difficulties
  • Stroller friendly
  • Easy to handle
  • They offer more service in your property

Safety - that's why it should be the best lift

When installing an elevator system, property owners should rely on the experience and expertise of a professional like LIFT AG. The owner is responsible for maintaining the value, the service life and the safety of his elevator system. Elevator systems must be serviced regularly in order to guarantee their smooth and safe operation. The experienced LIFT AG staff will be happy to take care of the maintenance work for you. The law stipulates that owners are liable for damage caused by poor maintenance of a building. Elevators are considered a building and so owners should invest in a high-quality product to prevent them. The professional maintenance of a lift system is an important prerequisite for safety. When servicing elevators, certain standards apply, which the maintenance company should strictly adhere to. Contact the specialists at LIFT AG to ensure that your elevator works as well as possible and that there are no safety deficiencies or complaints from residents and visitors.